Sanders Supporter Running to Become First Congressman Born in the 1990s


Alex Law is running a pretty serious campaign for Congress right now, and it all came about while sitting at a table with his friends discussing the problems the country is currently facing and their disappointment in our current elected leaders.

If elected, Law will be the first person born in the 1990s to hold a federal office, giving Millennials a voice and representation in the House, which is clearly needed.


Law, 24, describes himself as a Progressive Democrat, and is the first and only person running for Congress in New Jersey to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for president.

We spoke to Law about how he got into politics, what his motivations are, and what his first order of business would be, should he be elected.

Raised in a very political family, Law says he always knew he would end up finding a way to give back through public service. His grandparents chartered the Democratic party in his hometown of Collingswood, where his grandfather was also the mayor, after serving on the school board for 2 decades. His father served on the school board as well.

Law has not yet held any elected office, but is running a rather successful campaign with over 50 interns and over 100 volunteers. The candidate and his team have already knocked on over 20,000 doors and called thousands of people in his state to get the word out.

“A few friends and I were sitting around a table talking about all of the things that made us unhappy about government and politics. The rampant corruption we deal with locally, the national figures that disappoint us, the seeming failure at every turn by Congress. So, I said, rather than just complain about it, how about we DO something about it,” Law told Bipartisan Report on how the idea to run for Congress came about.

The group of friends then began making flyers and knocking on doors — and found that the response they got back was “tremendous.”

We asked him why he chose to go big and straight to campaigning for Congress instead of starting with a local election and he explained that it is very difficult in his area due to one family essentially running the local Democratic Party. He explained that George Norcross, a Democratic Party leader in New Jersey, makes it very difficult for outsiders to get involved or participate in the political process.

Instead of going up against that machine, he decided to go all the way so that he could help more people.

“I decided that to help the most people, especially Camden which is the poorest city in America and has been systematically taken advantage of by the Machine, I needed to run at the top of the ticket to take away their greatest strength: that people are afraid of them. When I win and beat George’s brother Donald, it will open up the political world in South Jersey so that more people can run,” Law explained.

Should he be successful, he hopes that his win will inspire other young people to get involved, and plans to release the information he learned along the way that has made his campaign so successful.

“When I make it to Congress, aside from legislative priorities like campaign finance reform, criminal justice reform, student loan reform, and sustainable energy, my first priority will be to develop a system based on the lessons I learned during my campaign and make it available to other millennials that want to be a part of the solution but might not know how,” Law explained. “We are testing an innovative campaign model combining cutting edge data science with old fashioned grassroots politics, and when it works, I want people to use it to have a voice.”

Law’s story is truly inspirational, and is the absolute best way to create change. Hopefully his story motivates many to get involved and take DC back from the corporate elite.

To learn more about Law’s campaign, visit his website here.

Featured image via Alex Law

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