Cuba Helps America With Lung Cancer Vaccine!


Cuba and America have had a very rocky relationship over time. For the last 90 years, not a single United States president has gone to Cuba. According to Huffington Post Barack and Michelle Obama are changing that and going to Cuba on March 21st. Though revamping Americas relationship with Cuba is important, there is a more exciting aspect of this journey. Cuba has a vaccine to prevent lung cancer. The vaccine is free to their residents. With all of the Cuban cigars, I suppose it is pretty important to make it less risky.

Erin Schumaker, a writer for Huffington post, claims:

‘CimaVax, which is both a treatment and vaccine for lung cancer, has been researched in Cuba for 25 years and free to the Cuban public since 2011. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s trade mission to Cuba in April 2015 resulted in a signed agreement to bring CimaVax to the U.S., but as with all international drugs and treatments, U.S. researchers need to conduct clinical trials and replicate international scientists’ results before it becomes available to the American public.’

The trials in the U.S. will follow the trails that have been happening in Cuba and Europe, which have all yielded impressive results. This vaccine is so common in Cuba it is given for free and costs the Cuban government very little to make. President Obama has not only started to break the ice between the U.S. and Cuba, but has began to open trade with Cuba, after a 55 year embargo. This is very beneficial to both the United States and Cuba. Sharing of ideas, resources, and intelligence will benefit both countries greatly and circulate new ideas and findings between the two countries.

According to USA Today,

‘In clinical trials conducted in Cuba, most patients with advanced lung cancers who received the vaccine lived two to four months longer than those who didn’t receive it. Patients who had the most EGF protein benefited the most, getting an extra eight to 10 months of survival, Lee said. About 5,000 patients have received the vaccine worldwide, including 1,000 in Cuba.’

These are very promising results for the U.S. which can be expanded on and researched more, to improve the benefits and life-span of cancer patients. CimaVax is not only for lung cancer but for other cancers as well. CimaVax’s goal is not to destroy the cancer itself, but to destroy it’s food supply and starve the cancer out so it cannot grow and eventually dies. This is a new approach to dealing with cancer and seems to have very positive results. These newly rekindled ties with Cuba will be very beneficial for both countries and help give Americans a longer, more enriched life.

Watch the video to learn more about CimaVax:

Image source: screen grab from YouTube video