Obama: Hillary Trying To Appeal To Young Voters Is Like Your Old Aunt Signing Up For Facebook (VIDEO)


The final White House Correspondents’ Dinner of President Obama’s tenure was held tonight. And, boy, it couldn’t have been funnier. The gut clenching, unexpected laughter emanated from the room.

The President himself dropped a litany of jokes. He jabbed at Hillary Clinton, saying, “Her trying to appeal to young voters is like your old relative signing up for Facebook, saying, ‘Did you get my poke?…love, Aunt Hillary.” You can watch the video clip of that remark below.

Notably, the President dropped a hint at his personal leaning when he said, “Next year someone else will be standing in my place, although I’m not yet sure who she will be.”

The only presidential candidate at the dinner was Democratic underdog US Senator Bernie Sanders. Towards him, Obama was perhaps a little less mocking, but equally as funny.

Sanders didn’t wear a tuxedo to the event. He never has worn a tuxedo in his life, to be exact. And Obama still praised him, saying, “You look like a million  bucks -or, in terms that you understand, 37,000 donations of twenty-seven bucks each.” This startlingly funny jab is in reference to the average campaign contribution to Bernie 2016, a number known very well by bis supporters -$27.

And he didn’t spare himself, either. In all seriousness, the President’s approval rating is very, very high. Analysts have pointed to this fact to help back up the repeated assertion that a Democrat will win the White House in November.

Tonight, that interesting set of circumstances lost all seriousness. The President said that “the last time I was this high, I was trying to decide on my major.” Too much, Mr. President, too much.

When he left the stage, he quite literally dropped the microphone in the most epic mic drop ever. It may have very well been heard ’round the world. You can watch that clip below.

Some have been prone to criticize expressions of humanity in politics, such as the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. They must think when politicians are elected, they magically become inhuman and no longer have a sense of humor. Since that isn’t true, this annual event actually does an interesting job of reminding us of that very fact.

The dinner was hosted by late night televison comedian, and fellow African American, Larry Wilmore. He dropped a pretty good joke himself, saying, among other things, “Welcome to Negro night here at Washington, or as Fox News would report two thugs disrupt elegant dinner in DC. That’s how they do it.”

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video

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