Trump Fans Honor Sasha Obama’s 15th Birthday By Telling Her To Go Spear-Chucking In Kenya (IMAGES)


Conservatives gave Sasha Obama a huge 15th birthday celebration online as they were asked what one question they would have for the first daughter on this, her 15th birthday. Sasha Obama began her life as the daughter of the POTUS when she was a very small child, in fact, she may not even remember a time when she wasn’t being called a dirty Kenyan by the American people.

Friday was a blessed occasion in the Obama house, with Sasha turning 15 and her older sister Malia graduating from high school on the very same day, it was surely a day with much happiness and celebration. That is, until racist Americans were asked to rain on a child’s birthday parade.

Social media site The Resistance: The Last Line Of Defense asked their followers the question, “What question do you have to Sasha Obama on her birthday?” The caption above the image below reads, “I know what I’d tell ANY Obama I came face to face with.” The comments in that thread are some of the most vile and disgusting things every said about a 15-year old girl, let alone a child of an American President.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 7.30.46 AM
Via Facebook

The comments include telling the girl that her mother is really a man and her father is a homosexual, that the entire family is destroying the country, that Sasha should go back to her Kenyan grass hut and spear chucking, and that she is not a real Obama at all. People, who have never even met a single person in this family are trying to tell Sasha Obama that she was purchased in order to create the appearance of family so that President Obama would be more easily elected, and thus, able to destroy America. Check out some of the insane comments below.

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Now, imagine for a moment that Sasha and Malia Obama are your children, and they are subjected to a traumatizing amount of racial criticism and threats from the American people, whom they have given up their normal lives to serve and protect. Conservatives like these are the very reason that the Republican Party will not be winning any election any time soon.

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