BREAKING: Prominent Republican Says ‘I’m With Her’ & Officially Endorses Hillary Clinton (DETAILS)


If you follow Mark Salter, John McCain’s former chief of staff, you may already be aware that he’s certainly no fan of Donald Trump. He has even taken to Twitter to paraphrase the business mogul, calling him out for exactly what he is: a “colossal asshole.”

But last month, Salter also took to Twitter to say something that likely shocked liberals and conservatives alike. To truly express his distaste for Trump, Salter told his followers he’d rather vote for former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, than vote for Donald Trump:

The tweet was a reference to an article written in the National Enquirer that said the publication had discovered that Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, was linked to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Obviously, Trump needs to reevaluate his sources, but we can just add that to the long list of things he needs to work on.

Recently, Salter also¬†sarcastically tweeted the following, sending a major dig toward Trump’s controversial proposals and previous praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin:

Salter is so desperate to stop Trump that he’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means voting for the opposition, not to mention the one candidate the GOP absolutely despises.

Salter remains the perfect example of a somewhat level-headed conservative who understands that Trump in no way embodies any of the authentic values upon which this country was built. He’s willing to compromise his political beliefs just to stop a lunatic from running this country, as any reasonably minded person should be.

So for all you #BernieOrBust folks out there, if a lifelong Republican can hold his nose and cast his vote for Hillary Clinton, you can, too.

Things have gotten far too serious to continue messing around. The future of this country depends on this election, and there’s absolutely no time for people who claim they’d rather refrain from voting than cast their ballot for Clinton. Donald Trump has put on this charade for far too long, and he must be stopped at all costs.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.

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