ABC News Confronts Donald Trump After He Blatantly Lied About Building Vietnam Memorial


Donald Trump was questioned yesterday by ABC News’s George Stephanapolous about the statements made by the father of Iraq War veteran and fallen hero, Humayun Khan. The soldier’s father gave a powerful speech in which he said that Trump has “sacrificed nothing” while demonizing those of Islamic faith, and some Muslims have sacrificed everything, even their very lives, to protect this country.

Trump defended himself against that statement by first questioning whether or not Khizr’s wife had been abused into silence. He then compared his record of building businesses and making himself rich to the sacrifices of fallen soldiers who died defending this country.

Here is Trump’s full response to the question about what sacrifices he believes he has made.

‘I was very responsible, along with a group of people, for getting the Vietnam Memorial built in downtown Manhattan, which to this day people thank me for.’

Trump also mentioned among his sacrifices having built businesses that require employing actual human beings, as well as all the money he has donated to charities that benefit veterans, which researchers have already disproven.

The statement about his sacrifice in having been instrumental in getting the Vietnam War Memorial in Manhattan built, however, is a lie debunked by the Washington Post in 1984.

‘One official of the Vietnam commission, who has attended all the meetings, maintains Trump has been to only two or three out of 20 meetings. This was confirmed by another member of the commission. The first time he attended a meeting was to launch the commission, one source says, and the second was when he arrived with a reporter who was profiling him.’

When asked in 1984 to respond to that criticism, Trump said that he would just resign. The Post also reports him as having said that:

‘He was never asked to be a working member of the commission, but simply to lend his name.’

At least two of the “sacrifices” Trump dreamed up to compare to a soldier sacrificing his life, or parents sacrificing their children, are bold lies. All of the millions he donated to charities benefitting war veterans equals a grand total of around $57,000, and his “hard work” of getting a war memorial built included only showing his face twice and making sure he got the deed publicized. He was not instrumental in getting the memorial built and failed to even attend meetings.

Grave sacrificies, indeed, Trump.

See video of Trump’s full response below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube

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