Republican NY Times Legend David Brooks Goes On ‘Meet The Press’ & DESTROYS Trump (VIDEO)


Republican “New York Times” columnist David Brooks crashed down on Donald Trump this morning on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” He said that he has been “frequently disturbed” by what Trump says, “but I’ve never felt as nauseated.”

Brooks was referring to Trump’s comments about the fallen soldier’s mother, whom Hillary Clinton featured during the Democratic National Convention. Trump said, “She had nothing to say. Maybe she wasn’t allowed:”

The syndicated columnist said:

‘I’ve never felt as nauseated as I was as when I saw his comments about Mrs. Khan. Disgust doesn’t begin to cover the range of emotions.’

‘I felt and I think a lot of people have felt that it stems from a lack of empathy, a lack of respect, a lack of basic decency.

Brooks had no kind words for Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, who also appeared on the morning show:

‘And I have to say, when I see Paul Manafort on the program issuing a regret, it didn’t strike me as an emotion, it just struck me as a word.’

The columnist also said that Trump is wreaking havoc on the Republican Party. This isn’t the first time Brooks has unloaded on the Republican presidential nominee. He has used his column as a tool to handicap Trump, saying:

‘Trump launched his verbal rocket ship straight through the stratosphere, and it landed somewhere on the dark side of Planet Debbie.’

Trump adviser Alex Castellanos was also on the show. He took the discussion from temperament and moved it to character, saying:

‘…is it a New Testament election where things are going swimmingly and we turn the other cheek? Or is this an Old Testament election where we could lose it all and an eye for an eye?’

Brooks’ response was “no” to the seventh degree:

‘Yeah, I don’t think we’re in New Testament or Old Testament, we’re like in Dante’s Inferno, we’re in the seventh circle of Hell, where he
needs us to–‘

Then Brooks turned to the issue of temperament, saying he didn’t know what that meant, but he knows what “attention span” means:

‘I know the guy can’t control his attention span. Attention is the ultimate act of self-control and his mind just goes bing, bing, bing, bing, bing to one thing after another.

‘And it’s just a dangerous prospect in a President to have somebody who just can’t control what’s going to come out of his mouth in the next 30 seconds.’

“Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd said that this is a country-wide campaign unlike any other. Brooks agreed:

‘Yeah, and it’s about national mood. That’s why Trump is here, that’s why Bernie Sanders was here.’


Brooks’ comments about Trump are the very definition of a sociopath, and his remarks ring the bell of doom:

‘And I wonder what this moral pygmy on top of a ticket what’s doing to the country and what will do as President.’

Watch the “Meet The Press” video below via NBC:

Featured Image: Miller Center via Flickr, Creative Commons Center.

H/T: Meet The Press, NBC.

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