‘The Simpsons’ Release 2016 Election VIDEO, Trump Campaign HUMILIATED (VIDEO)


Homer Simpson has revealed to America, and the world, the “story of how he became a Democrat.”

The show’s production team released a short clip featuring Homer and Marge Simpson. The segment opens to a scene of the couple making love in bed, when Marge suddenly blurts out that she “can’t continue” while being an undecided voter. On that note, Homer flips on the television, finding ever so aptly television ads comparing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Simpson form.

First on the television isn’t Donald or Hillary, but rather Bill. The first shot of the television ad is Bill and Hillary Clinton together in what is presumably the White House bed. The phone rings, and Bill answers — but it’s for Hillary.

Simpsons-form Hillary makes sure to note to Bill that the phone will “always be for her from now on.”

After the Clintons, the shot cuts to Donald Trump. Simpsons-form Trump can be seen laying in bed — alone (Where’s Melania?) — and furiously typing on a phone. As it turns out, as the shot moves closer, Trump is tweeting, this time a message trying to degrade Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Real life Trump has continued in a real life war of the words with Warren, a battle which has often played out on Twitter. This spat is besides the notoriety of Trump’s prolific, bigoted, and sometimes senseless tweeting.

When the phone Trump is holding rings, as the bedside phone did next to the Clintons, Trump ignores it. He says he “has to finish this tweet.” The phone rings again, and Trump finally answers — but then he has to “get ready.”

The producers then launch into a lengthy satire of Trump’s appearance, showing him getting a spray tan in bed followed by placing a dog on his head to serve as his hair. By the time he is finished, the phone rings again, and he is told “it’s too late, the Chinese fleet is advancing.”

The short segment then cuts back to Homer and Marge in bed staring at the television. Homer reveals to Marge that he might vote for Trump, and that’s when she tells him she “can’t be with him” if that’s the case.

That, Homer tells the world, is the story of how he became a Democrat.

In real life, this Simpsons clip underscores a major sticking point against Trump for Democrats hoping to assure a Hillary Clinton presidency. Simpsons-form Trump clearly lacked the temperament and seriousness to serve as President, and Democrats continue to point out that neither does real life Trump.

This latest appearance by Homer and Marge isn’t the first time their show has addressed politics. 10 years ago, in a parody “worst case scenario” episode, a now eerily familiar Trump presidency was pictured.

Watch the clip featuring the Simpsons’ deliberations over whom to vote for below.

Featured Image via FOX on Getty Images

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