JUST IN: New SCATHING Anti-Trump Video Released, Parents Everywhere Are OUTRAGED (VIDEO)


A new video ad from MoveOn.org released on Monday shows the devastating effect that Donald Trump and his racist rhetoric is having on our children.

The video clip from the progressive organization shows how students are being bullied and harassed in school because of their ethnicity or religious background. Muslim, Latino, and black children are speaking about how threats from white peers are affecting them, and it’s not pretty.

The ad shows a huge banner hung in a school in an Oregon school saying, “Build A Wall,” referencing Trump’s vitriolic and racist threats to build a wall between the U.S. And Mexico to keep out immigrants.

Another clip shows a display at an Indiana basketball game where students from a largely white school held placards with the Republican nominee’s face on them and chanted racist remarks, like “Donald Trump, build that wall!” at the players on the other team. The rival team was from Bishop Noll High School, a Catholic school with a largely Latino student body.

In another truly heartrending case, the video shows a news clip about a Virginia third-grader who had been told by classmates that he would be deported when Donald Trump became president.

The video caption states “Donald Trump is endangering our kids.” Then students appear in the video to talk about how these incidents of bullying is affect them.

‘Lately, it’s getting worse.’

‘Students don’t feel safe. Students don’t want to go to school anymore.’

One young man says that other students are chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump” in order to intimidate students whose parents come from other countries.

‘They’re trying to imitate with the things that Mr. Trump has said, what he’s going to do with immigrants.’

One of the Oregon students, reacting to the racist banner found on the facade their school, says:

‘This is our school. This is where we learn. This is our environment. This is our second home. And it’s not fair that some of us don’t even feel safe coming.’

The video concludes:

‘Protect our kids from Trump’s hate speech.’

You can watch the video below, courtesy of the MoveOn.org YouTube Channel, with the description: “Class is in session: Donald J. Trump is teaching Hate 101”


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