Trump Supporters Respond To His Mexico Trip In The MOST Insane Way Possible (TWEETS)


Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had a meeting on Wednesday. Like a lot of things about Trump’s campaign, this trip is kind of odd. It was announced on Tuesday night and seems to be a spur of the moment meeting. It’s possible this was planned out months ago, but, knowing Trump, that isn’t likely.  We don’t know what the meeting is about, but many conservatives have convinced themselves that their candidate will get Mexico to pay for his wall. Spoiler alert: That isn’t going to happen.

Not everyone agrees with us. Former congressman, Joe Walsh, says that this trip could win Trump the election. We’ll freely admit that if he does actually come back with a check for his wall, then that probably would give him a pretty big bump in the polls. But, as we’ve said before, he’s not coming with that check.

Of course, not everyone on Twitter is so delusional, and some of the responses to Walsh’s tweet provided a far more accurate picture of the situation.

This current election cycle does remind us of some rather poor fanfic. Then of course, someone hit Walsh over his unpaid child support.

But enough with the rational responses, let’s get back to the absurd ones.

This one wasn’t especially crazy, but it is rather ignorant considering that candidates were invited.

We get that Walsh was on talk radio and thus built a career out of saying absurd things in order to generate conversation and controversy, but why have so many other people deluded themselves? Even if Trump could convince the president of Mexico to pay for this wall, which he won’t, does anyone think the Mexican government would agree to it prior to his election? President Trump probably would attempt to bully them into it, and we suppose it’s possible he could succeed. But candidate Trump certainly couldn’t, especially when you consider that he is behind in most of the polls.

Clinton took the opportunity to remind voters of some of the comments Trump has made regarding Mexico. We suspect Peña Nieto doesn’t need the reminder.

Featured image via Getty Images.

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