Voter Registration Taco Trucks Popping Up Across America To Spite Donald Trump (IMAGES)


Marco Gutierrez, co-founder of Latinos for Trump, made headlines recently after “threatening” that if Republican nominee Donald Trump wasn’t elected president, there would be “taco trucks on every corner.” His statement unknowingly started a taco truck revolution.

Gutierrez said:

‘My culture is a very dominant culture. It’s imposing and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.’

It’s unclear how exactly taco trucks on every corner or Latino culture adding to the diversity of our country, a virtual melting pot of nationalities, are bad things. 

Gutierrez clearly meant his taco truck warning to be ominous to white Christians, the same “culture” that so many conservatives think that it’s OK to try and impose on the rest of the country. I’m not sure he thought his idea throug,h though, because he obviously didn’t consider the fact that first and foremost, Americans love tacos.

In true internet hero form, social media has been talking about how amazing it would be to have taco trucks on every corner in America ever since Marco Gutierrez’s appearance on MSNBC. In Denver, Colorado, a city council member had called in a taco truck and had it set up shop right across the street from Trump’s campaign headquarters. Not only is the truck serving delicious tacos, it’s also registering voters for the 2016 presidential election.

Arizona’s Democratic Party updated it’s sign to follow suit, and it’s brilliant. This could end up working against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, honestly.

Marco Gutierrez’s intention may have been to put fear into the hearts of ignorant America but clearly he didn’t bank on the fact that “a taco truck on every corner” is hardly a bad thing, and is widely considered a brilliant, delicious idea.

It’s summed up perfectly in a quote that NPR reported. Gustavo Arellano, the author of “Taco USA” said:

‘We’re now in a generation where almost everyone has grown up eating Mexican food of some sort or another, whether it’s breakfast tacos, breakfast burritos, or big huge combo platters. So to try to say that more Mexicans means more Mexican food, if anything, that’s the one thing all Americans like. You may not like the Mexican, but you sure love Mexican food.’

Featured Image via Twitter

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