BREAKING: FBI Alerted After Unhinged Trump Supporters Threaten To Kill Hillary Clinton


Throughout her presidential campaign, right-wing nut jobs — egged on by Donald Trump — have accused Hillary Clinton of wanting to take away their guns. While, in reality, Clinton’s gun control policy proposals are practical and in no way include the kind of sweeping seizure of firearms that conservatives suggest, the Democratic nominee continues to be seen as an enemy of the Second Amendment.

Joining the ranks of those who have expressed their fear of a Hillary Clinton presidency is the North Carolina gun rights group, Grass Roots North Carolina. The group recently created a raffle that they’re calling the “Hillary Clinton Special.” The raffle winner will receive a Palmetto State Armory M4-configured AR-15, 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and a photo of Hillary Clinton. The group tells potential raffle participants, “we won’t tell you what to do with the photo, but when we ran a picture of Hillary on the front of our newsletter, we heard it was very popular at the range.”

Grass Roots North Carolina describes their reasoning for raffling off the gun on their website:

‘We all know that if Hillary Clinton is elected President on November 8, panic buying will ensure that by November 9, there won’t be a gun (or ammunition) available for love nor money.’

According to the group’s website, the money raised from the raffle will “help GRNC-PVF keep anti-gunners like Roy Cooper, Deborah Ross, and Josh Stein from occupying offices critical to gun rights.” Cooper, Ross, and Stein are all Democrats who are running for various state offices.

Hillary Clinton has continued to stand by her common sense gun control policies despite the extreme threats she has received from those on the right. Her opponent, Donald Trump, in particular, has made several. In early August, for example, Trump suggested that “Second Amendment people” could do something about Hillary Clinton.

‘If she gets to pick her judges ― nothing you can do, folks. Although, the Second Amendment people. Maybe there is. I don’t know.’

And in mid-September, Trump said that Clinton’s bodyguards should stop protecting her since she is “very much against the Second Amendment.”

‘She’s very much against the Second Amendment. She wants to destroy your Second Amendment. Guns, guns, guns, right? I think what we should do is, she goes around with armed bodyguards like you have never seen before. I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons, they should disarm. I think they should disarm immediately.’

Trump seems shocked that Clinton would walk around with armed bodyguards. Perhaps it has something to do with the gun enthusiasts — like those in North Carolina — using her portrait for target practice.

Featured image via Getty Images.

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