Insane Trump Fans Make Gun Threats Against Hillary Clinton, Feds Respond (DETAILS)


There’s not a lot of good that you can say about Donald Trump’s frightening rise to dominate the utterly saturated field of candidates to become the GOP’s nominee. But one of the worst things about The Orange One’s success is that a lot of the right-wing lunatics crawling around like roaches in the dark recesses of America have been suddenly emboldened to make their presence known. A group called Grass Roots North Carolina has come out with a brand new contest on their website, with the goal of either appealing to a bunch of other pseudo-militaristic whack-jobs, or just embarrassing the country.

The group’s website is hosting a raffle which they’ve entitled the “Hillary Clinton Special”. And for the price of entry, you too could win an AR-15, a thousand rounds of ammunition, and a picture of the former Secretary of State.

GRNC, like most of the inbred right-wing nutjobs espousing their particular ideals, are all about spreading paranoia regarding the fully imaginary scenario of an America deprived of it’s precious guns. From their website:

‘We all know that if Hillary Clinton is elected President on November 8, panic buying will ensure that by November 9, there won’t be a gun (or ammunition) available for love nor money. That’s why the GRNC Political Victory Fund – GRNC’s federally registered political action committee – is giving you what might be among the last chances to get…’

The site then lists off the prizes:

  • A Palmetto State Armory M4-configured AR-15
  • 1,000 rounds of high quality ammunition, and (wait for it)
  • A FREE PORTRAIT OF HILLARY CLINTON! (Of course, we won’t tell you what to do with the photo, but when we ran a picture of Hillary on the front of our newsletter, we heard it was very popular at the range.)

It may not be a direct endorsement of violence against a sitting U.S. president, but it’s deeply disturbing how cavalier the right feels about the assassination of elected officials. Especially given the fact that the threat of violence that many liberal politicians face is far from being fiction. Joking about killing people who are running for office is not funny, not cute, and usually warrants investigation by scary men in black suits. That goes for everyone, whether you’re a man or woman, black or white, and whether you support Trump or Clinton.

The reasoning behind this is simple. As Vice President Joseph Biden once put it, “words matter”. The things you say will influence people, and sometimes those people will be influenced in ways that hurt other people, if only subtly. This shouldn’t be something that ever needs to be said, but the only time applying the threat of lethal force is appropriate is when that same threat of lethal force is coming directly at you or people in your care. Disagreeing with Hillary’s ideas on gun control does not fall into that category. Nor does disagreeing with the words of any person or politician, for that matter. If you think somebody’s ideas are bad, it’s your responsibility to learn to articulate your own ideas better.

Better yet, get out and vote! Get your friends and family to get out and vote too. Lots of people in this country would hate to see a Trump/Pence presidency, but part of being an American is accepting that our system, flawed as it is, has to be working on some level. Right now, our country accounts for roughly the same percentage of the world’s GDP as China, a country that outnumbers us more than 4 to 1. We have to be doing something right.

It’ll be a lovely day indeed when people, especially in this country, stop believing the lie that violence leads to anything other than more violence. These idiots are the reason we need gun control laws.

Featured image courtesy of George Frey on Getty Images. All rights reserved. Image has been modified from its original form.

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