Prominent Trump Supporter PROMISES To Murder Hillary Clinton If Elected, FBI Coming (VIDEO)


Never before in the history of American politics has there been such a pronounced threat of physical violence hovering around a presidential election.

Part of that sad fact is the muck at the bottom of America’s pond, which has been seriously stirred up this election cycle by alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump. But Mr. Trump has only piggybacked on decades of fear-based anti-government, anti-liberal rhetoric. The Wall Street Journal recently posted a video where a man who epitomizes the current surge in alt-right extremism got to say his piece on what he’d do if Hillary Clinton is elected. The results are disturbing.

Dan Bowman is a 50-year-old, self-employed, die-hard Trump supporter. After being convinced to remove his mask at a Trump rally in Ohio, Bowman implied heavily that he would be willing to assassinate a sitting U.S. president.

‘I feel like Hillary needs to be taken out. If she gets into government, I’ll do everything in my power to take her out of power. Which, if I have to be a patriot, I will.’

After the reporter asked Bowman what that meant, he replied, “Take it any way you want to take it.”

Then Bowman gets really nuts.

‘I won’t have to myself. Well, there’s going to be probably a movement to where we will go and take them out of power.’

After the reporter questioned him further, Bowman dropped another bomb.

‘If she’s corrupt, why should she be able to stay in office? Answer that question.’

Well, first, because we have an election system to handle that process, since violence is not generally a good way to establish a system for who leads a country. Second, because she’s actually more honest than the clowns who the opposing party put up for election, including alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump, by a long shot. And third, enough is enough with the pointless, stupid threats of violence.

People in first-world countries with rights that others can only dream of need to shut their mouths about murdering elected officials. Forever. Because even though it may be something that alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump and his followers would like to pretend isn’t true, words do matter. The culture that creates people who say it’s okay to fire bullets at a sitting U.S. president can also create people who actually do it. Good thing this guy is probably gonna get a nice long visit from the Secret Service.

Watch the full video of the encounter below.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video

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