Fact Checker Goes On CNN & Analyzes 37 Trump Statements, Results Are INSANE (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has been criticized since the beginning of his campaign due to several false statements he’s made. Although a lot of people see politicians as liars and untrustworthy, Trump has shown to be far worse than most others. CNN Show Reliable Sources featured reporter Daniel Dale in a segment to talk about the fact checking he’s done on Trump. His research and findings were quite phenomenal.

Daniel Dale, the Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, has set out on a mission to fact check the Republican presidential nominee. When he appeared on the CNN show and talked with host Brian Stelter, he explained some of the facts that have come along with Trump’s inability to tell the truth and how troubling his lying actually is.

According to Daniel Dale, he has fact checked Donald Trump on a daily basis, and he came to find that Donald Trump has a record number of falsehoods, some of which can’t even be explained. Dale told Stelter that Trump lies “strategically and pointlessly”, also stating that he does it so frequently. Being someone who fact checks so often, Dale explained how it works for most candidates.

‘Traditionally the way fact-checking has been done is the fact checker will take one or two, or maybe three false statements in a day and meticulously fact check them and post an article. But that doesn’t work when we have a candidate who is frequently saying more than 20 false things in a day, up to 37 on some days,’

Daniel Dale also mentioned that Donald Trump is not a “normal political liar” who can be grouped in with others. Brian Stelter asked Dale what a “normal political liar” was, asking if he meant someone like Hillary Clinton. Dale claimed that would be for people to judge themselves and then compared his count of Hillary Clinton’s false statements at the presidential debates to Donald Trump’s.

According to Dale’s count, Hillary said four false things in the first debate, five in the second, and another four in the last debate. Donald Trump, on the other hand, said 33, 34 and 37 false things in the three debates. Obviously, there is a big difference between five false statements and 33. He then threw out that he wasn’t there to prove how honest Hillary is, but to show that Trump’s amount of lies aren’t even comparable.

Stelter then asked Dale to explain what he meant when he said Donald Trump lies “pointlessly” at the beginning of the segment. Dale cleared it up when he mentioned how Trump lies when there is no actual political gain, saying it’s unclear whether he’s lying, confused or just doesn’t care to learn the actual fact. He gave an example of Trump continuously lying about a song he likes, incorrectly citing the artist and date the song came out.

It’s clear to everyone that Donald Trump lies almost incessantly, but it’s unclear as to why he feels the need to do so. Someone professional should really look into that before it becomes an even bigger problem than it already is.

Video of the interview can be see here:

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