Deranged Trump Supporter Holds Young Kids At Gunpoint Over Vandalized Lawn Sign (VIDEO)


Back in the day, crabby curmudgeons like Michael Kubek hollered, “Get off my lawn” at the neighborhood kids. But this 56-year-old Donald Trump supporter from Allen Park, Michigan, takes it to a whole new level.

At 8 p.m. on Saturday night, Michael Kubek called the police to report a group of teenagers vandalized his “Trump/Pence: Make America Great Again” lawn sign and ran away. The News Herald reports that when police arrived, their caller wasn’t home, but they heard “what was described as a lot of yelling” around the corner.

What police found when they went over to investigate was disturbing enough:

‘Police found six children, ranging in age from 12 to 14, sitting on the grass with Kubek yelling and cursing at them. He told the officer he was highly upset because he believed the kids destroyed his Trump sign.’

The kids swore they hadn’t damaged the Trump sign. They were just walking over to a nearby park to “hang out” when Michael Kubek ran up to them, started yelling at them, and then whipped out a pistol and ordered them to sit down on the grass.

‘The kids said they tried to tell Kubek they did not damage his sign, but it only resulted with Kubek telling them to shut up and continue cursing at them. They said Kubek held them at gunpoint while his mother called police. According to police, Kubek’s mother lives on the same block.’

Police told Michael Kubeck to wait at home while they questioned the kids separately. After talking with each one of them individually and gathering written statements of their accounts of the incident, the kids all gave the same account of the incident as described above.

Michael Kubek, on the other hand, had no evidence whatsoever that these tweens and teenagers were the ones who’d vandalized his Trump sign: He had no security cameras with footage, and he couldn’t identify a single one of the kids as someone he’d actually seen tampering with the sign.

When asked why he pulled out his gun, Michael Kubek told them it wasn’t loaded, he just “wanted to scare the kids.”

‘In response to another question from the officer, Kubek said he felt threatened because he was outnumbered.’

The pistol was legally registered, but police confiscated his concealed carry license and arrested him for felonious assault. The pistol-packing Trump supporter was charged with seven felonies — six counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of felony firearm — and scheduled for a probable cause hearing on Dec. 5.

Later, WJBK (Fox 2) talked with a neighbor who said both she and the kids found the incident to be terrifying.

‘He was using very profane language. Real bad language.’

Another neighbor added that there had been a wave of homes being vandalized in the area and that Michael Kubek’s house had been egged recently.

WJBK reports: Michael Kubek questions kids at gunpoint for vandalizing his Trump sign.

Featured image: Composite with video screen grabs via WJBK.

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