BREAKING: Wisconsin Audit Shows Stunning Irregularity, More Votes Counted Than Ballots Cast!


Voters throughout the country were enraged when it was revealed that, despite Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, Donald Trump had become the United States’ president-elect. When news dropped shortly after the election that revealed discrepancies in the results from three important swing states — Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan — people grew even more upset about what they felt was a rigged election.

Wisconsin’s Outagamie County in particular has come under fire in light of this new information. As WBAY reported, according to unofficial election results, “In four out of almost a hundred wards, the number of votes cast in the presidential race were greater than the number of ballots voted.” The four wards in which this discrepancy occurred were Cicero, Grand Chute, Bear Creek, and Hortonville.

The tweets below provide more information about the differences between the numbers reported and the actual results of the presidential election. For example, the results show that, in Grand Chute, over 1,000 extra votes were reported for Donald Trump, while an extra 400 were cast in his favor in Hortonville.

Hortonville’s clerk-treasurer Lynn Mischker wrote a statement to WBAY, attempting to explain the error that caused the dramatic upswing in votes for President-elect Trump:

‘In order to give election returns to the Outagamie County Clerk’s office as quickly as possible the Chief Inspector added together the votes from the election machine tapes. An error was made while keying the numbers on the calculator during this process resulting in an incorrect number of votes reported on Election night.’

Outagamie county clerk Lori O’Bright also commented on the differences in results, citing the county’s older voting machines that require manual tabulation as a reason for the mistake.

‘After the polls are closed, they’re closing out things, they want to wrap it up and sometimes human error in reporting those numbers just occurs.’

O’Bright went on to explain that the review process is made as fair as possible by including a member from the opposite political party:

‘The canvass is conducted by county clerks throughout the state. We are on the partisan ticket so our canvass also has to have a member of the opposite party on the canvass, along with another member. So, it is reviewed as fairly as possible.’

Human error is, to an extent, expected in these situations. However, the fact that every location that reported a discrepancy showed those discrepancies leading to more votes for Donald Trump is questionable, regardless of whether or not someone from the opposite political party was involved in the tabulation. In a state that was so pivotal to the 2016 election — a state where Hillary Clinton lost by only 27,000 votes — human error is not a viable excuse. It is situations like this that have caused so many people — including former presidential nominee for the Green Party, Jill Stein — to call for recounts.

The official, updated election results from Outagamie County can be viewed here.

Featured image via Michael Reaves/Getty Images.

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