Jimmy Carter Makes Desperate Plea To President Obama Before He Leaves Office In January


Former President Jimmy Carter has made a plea to President Barack Obama, asking that before he leaves office in January he recognize the state of Palestine.

It’s no secret that former President Jimmy Carter has long supported Palestinian rights and Monday, in a New York Times op-ed, the former president praised President Obama and the Obama administration for supporting a “negotiated end to the conflict based on two states.” But he also fears that all of the work done by the Obama Administration could be on the verge of being undone, now that former reality TV show star Donald Trump is president-elect.

According to Newsweek, Israeli ministers have publicly suggested that the Trump Administration will be a massive blow to any chance of hope that may be left.

Naftali Bennett, right-wing Jewish Home party leader, claims:

‘A Trump presidency allows Israel to fully dismiss the notion of a Palestinian state. This is the position of the President-elect, as written in his platform, and it should be our policy, plain and simple. The era of a Palestinian state is over.’

This was Carter’s response, according to CNN:

‘I am convinced that the United States can still shape the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before a change in presidents, but time is very short. The simple but vital step this administration must take before its term expires on Jan. 20 is to grant American diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine.’

President-elect Donald J. Trump made it clear during the presidential campaigns that he would move the U.S. Embassy, currently in Tel-Aviv, to Jerusalem and also expressed that he favored the illegal Israeli settlements that are located in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. So far 137 countries formally recognize the State of Palestine in the U.N, excluding a dozen or so countries, the United States and Israel included.

Former president Jimmy Carter believes that only through recognition by the United States of the State of Palestine will there ever be a chance that a peace agreement could be reached. Carter believes that without the U.S. recognizing the State of Palestine all prospects for peace will be lost.

Carter went on:

’38 years after Camp David, the commitment to peace is in danger of abrogation. Israel is building more and more settlements, displacing Palestinians and entrenching its occupation of Palestinian lands… This process is hastening a one-state reality that could destroy Israeli democracy and will result in intensifying international condemnation of Israel… I am certain that the United States recognition of a Palestinian state would make it easier for the other countries that have not recognized Palestine to do so, and would clear the way for a Security Council resolution on the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.’

Former president Carter thinks the UN Security Council should pass a resolution, which lays out the parameters for the conflict to be solved. This includes the 1967 borders being re-established, allowing both states to exist peacefully.

‘I fear for the spirit of Camp David. We must not squander this chance.’

With Trump’s presidency looming on the horizon the prospect of peace for the Israel-Palestine conflict is slim without President Obama’s intervention, and the former U.S. president Jimmy Carter knows it all too well.

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