Sarah Palin Just Announced That She Is Being Considered For Secretary Of Veterans Affairs (VIDEO)


In a horrifying announcement, Sarah Palin leaked that Donald Trump is considering her for Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The half-term governor never finished her term as the head of state for Alaska. She never worked in the federal government, and she knows nothing about the Veterans Administration. But it gets worse.

She and Trump are reality show star pals. Her reality show was Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC, and Trump became the reality star who famously yelled, “You’re fired!” on his NBC show, The Apprentice. The president-elect has neither confirmed nor denied her claim. Trump’s top adviser Steve Bannon did produce a documentary about the former governor, The Undefeated.

Palin’s only other qualification seems to be that she knows a veteran, her son Track. He served in the Iraq War and raised eyebrows when he faced a weapons charge in relation to a domestic violence arrest.

Of course, Palin blamed President Obama for her son’s problems, saying that the Obama administration’s mistreatment of veterans was the cause. Her son-in-law Dakota Meyer (married to Palin’s daughter Bristol) is also a Medal of Honor recipient. Meyer is an avid Palin supporter and produced a slick video promoting his mother-in-law.

Trump’s transition team has contacted her, and that may imply that she is under consideration for a position. But no one has confirmed which position best fits her, according to CNBC.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has faced its share of problems, including mismanagement and inefficiency at some VA facilities, especially when large numbers of physically and emotionally injured soldiers returned. There were with long wait times, which sometimes meant more soldier suicides.

The Republicans have long wanted to privatize the VA, so they have underfunded it on a regular basis and hold a responsibility for those deficiencies.

Since then, President Obama inserted another secretary to lead the Veterans’ Affairs, which made a big difference. Now veterans have the option of going to a private physician.

Trump made taking better care of veterans a rally staple throughout his campaign events. During Trump’s campaign for the Iowa Caucus, Palin became a vocal supporter. But when she gave a rambling, oddly stilted speech, many wondered whether she would continue as a voice for him.

She was governor from 2006 to 2009 and also served a Senator John McCain’s vice president choice in 2004.

We should be grateful we'll soon have a commander-in-chief who will champion our vets and honor the promises our nation…

Posted by Sarah Palin on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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