The New York Times Has Seen A MASSIVE Post-Election Day Spike In Subscription Sales


Since Donald J. Trump was elected the next president of the United States, the New York Times has seen a drastic increase in the amount of paid subscriptions both online and print. Within the first week of Trump’s election, the paper added 41,000 new subscribers, making it the largest increase in subscriptions since 2011, when its pay-wall was introduced.

The increase is, without a doubt, largely influenced by Donald Trump’s shocking and historic win that left Americans terrified of what will happen during his presidency. The gain is also a huge slap in the face to Lord Orange, who repeatedly criticized The Times throughout the entire presidential campaign and even after being elected.

The executive editor for The Times, Dean Baquet, said that the paper’s huge increase in subscriptions was because of it’s “strong aggressive coverage and scoops.” He also told CNN Money that at a time when there is a lot of phony news going around, “It pays to do real news.”

Addressing The Donald’s many references to The Times as “failing,” New York Times CEO, Mark Thompson, told CNBC:

‘We are seeing a 10x net increase in subscriptions. So, far from failing, we’re seeing a remarkable response by new subscribers who like the kind of journalism, independent, without fear or favored journalism, that Times represents.’

When asked if the paper would be able to maintain their subscriber numbers once the excitement of the election “dies down,” Thompson responded:

‘Overall, we’re seeing (less) churn for the time. So the number of people net leaving the Times is reducing over time.’

On Nov. 22, Trump went on one of his routine early-morning twitter tantrums and tweeted that he had cancelled his meeting that he had scheduled with the “failing” Times because “the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment.”

A few hours later, Trump changed his tiny little mind and decided that the meeting with The Times was back in action.


From election day up until Saturday, the paper has seen a net increase in paid subscriptions of approximately 132,000. Other papers who have seen increases in new subscribers are the Los Angeles Times, which has seen an increase of 47 percent within the last two weeks, and the Wall Street Journal, with a 45 percent rise.

One thing is definite: as long as Donald Trump is president, journalists around the world will have plenty to write about.

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