Veterans Just Responded To Donald Trump Considering Sarah Palin For Secretary Of Veteran Affairs


It’s been announced that Sarah Palin is being considered to lead the Department of Veteran Affairs. Palin has long been a supporter of Donald Trump, but many veterans aren’t pleased with this development.

Credit: Occupy Democrats
Credit: Occupy Democrats


Credit: Occupy Democrats
Credit: Occupy Democrats


‘If Sarah Palin gets the job to head the VA, us Veterans are Fucked! She can’t even run water!’

‘Sarah Palin over the VA just let’s me know Trump gives two fucks about veterans. Like the many times he disrespected us during his campaign’

‘Trump is insulting us veterans by considering Sarah Palin to run Veterans Affairs.

‘VA Secretary is 17th in the Presidential Line of succession… Palin being anywhere on that list scares me, let alone 17th…

Sarah Palin knows as much about the Veterans Administration as she does from looking at Russia from her backyard’

what does she know about running the VA. Is it because she has a son in the Marine Corps. If so I might apply for the job!’

Remember when Trump claimed he cared about veterans? Looks like he was lying about that too.’

oh fuck no!!! Veterans wake the fuck up!!! I’m a veteran and these Nazis are pissing me off! I will be in streets!!’

And this Wounded Warrior is horrified.’

as a veteran she is possibly the worst choice ever!!!’

On behalf of all Veterans pls choose someone other than for VA! I beg you!’

That just says to me that injured soldiers will be even more ignored and told to just deal with it. Lovely. As I sit here in pain.’

Choosing Palin to lead Veteran Affairs would be a strange choice considering she has no military experience. Beyond that, she faced criticism for comments made last when she blamed President Obama for her son’s domestic violence and PTSD.

So far Trump has not made any official announcements regarding the rumors surrounding Palin. However, the President-Elect tends to value loyalty and Palin was an early supporter of Trump’s candidacy.

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