WATCH: Protesters Burn American Flags Outside Trump Tower After He Threatens Incarceration (VIDEO)


After President-elect Donald Trump’s Twitter rampage over flag burning yesterday, social media lambasted the newly elected president for failing to remember that flag burning is a protected right (even if it is distasteful) under the First Amendment. Now, protesters are taking to the streets outside Trump Tower in NYC to demonstrate by burning American flags outside the building. Reuters reported:

‘A small group of hard-left activists burned foot-long U.S. flags outside the Trump International Hotel in New York on Tuesday, in an angry response to a tweet by President-elect Donald Trump that flag-burners should face legal consequences.’

In a video posted to Twitter of the demonstration, a member of the party spoke into a megaphone exclaiming, “Donald Trump is a fascist… The U.S. American flag deserves to be burned. It is a symbol of slavery, of genocide, and of oppression.”

Republican twitter users, of course, responded to the flag burning. Amanda Carpenter, who served as Sen. Cruz’s speechwriter and communications director, tweeted:

‘So Trump baited you into burning a flag and making liberals look bad. I think you’ve been played.’

The leader of the group, Sunsara Taylor, replied tweeting the same sentiment of the protesters remarking:

‘I burned the flag because it represents slavery, genocide, mass incarceration, death squads in Guatemala, drone strikes on weddings in Yemen.’

Reuters reported that the group of protesters are part of the Revolutionary Communist Party (which is not affiliated with the Communist Party of the United States). The group also participated in a flag-burning protest at the RNC earlier this year.

You can watch the protest below.

Featured image via Getty Images/Drew Angerer.

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