Donald Trump Is Currently Erupting AGAIN On Twitter, The Reason This Time Is PATHETIC (TWEETS)


Donald Trump went on a Twitter rampage regarding the outsourcing of American jobs on Sunday morning, all while ignoring his own company’s, as well as his daughter’s, continued outsourcing of their own products and clothing lines.

Trump, who foolishly bragged to supporters that he was responsible for “saving” 1,000 jobs at Carrier this week despite the fact that 1,300 jobs will still be outsourced by the company, has been on an endless rant about outsourcing on Twitter, vowing to impose “tariffs” on companies that participate in the practice.

For keeping less than half the proposed jobs in the United States while moving the 1,300 out of the country despite Trump’s “threats,” Carrier will receive a $7 million tax break, all courtesy of the American taxpayer. This hasn’t stopped Trump from insisting that he’s done something helpful.

Interestingly, Trump has failed to mention even once during all these rants that his own companies outsource production and hire workers from out of the country to come in and staff his resorts and hotels to avoid paying fair wages to American workers. He’s also conveniently avoided mentioning any tariffs he plans to impose on his daughter, Ivanka, despite Bloomberg Politics‘ report that “Ivanka Trump’s $100 million apparel line is sewn in Asian countries under a licensing agreement with G-III Apparel Group Inc.”

How much of a tax break will she be given?

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg

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