Eric Garland is Fed Up! His Massive Twitter Rant Makes So Much Sense, It’s Scary (TWEETS)


As America braces itself for the horror of Donald Trump’s inauguration, hope springs eternal in some corners of Liberal Land. On Thursday, the futurist, author, and top business strategist Eric Garland took to Twitter to tell us what so many of us are dying to hear: Donald Trump will never make it to the White House…And if he does, he won’t stay there for long.

So what is Game Theory? Dictionary.Com defines it as:

‘A mathematical method of making decisions in which a competitive situation is analyzed to determine the optimal course of action for an interested party. Game theory is often used in political, economic, and military planning.’

In other words, Eric Garland’s been looking at the chessboard and — despite how leaders of both parties, the media, and our system have failed us at every turn so far — he still thinks Donald Trump can be stopped.

This may sound crazy, but House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) threw their president-elect under the bus on Thursday when they spoke out in support of President Barack Obama’s sanctions against Russia.

Eric Garland lays out his case for why Donald Trump’s goose is cooked.

Our nation’s leaders in politics and business may be cruel, corrupt, and venal, but never before have we allowed someone into the highest office in the land with a cloud of treason hanging over their head.

Seriously, when have we ever U.S. president or any political leader in cahoots with a long-time arch-enemy like Russia?

Sure, we’ve had more treaties and entangling alliances than our first president and founding father George Washington would have liked.

But since when has a member of the Republican Party gotten so chummy with Russia?

Not only is Donald Trump a loose cannon with zero experience or qualifications, but his handlers can’t even handle him.

And instead of appointing people to the White House and the cabinet who can help him, Donald Trump is tapping incompetents, white supremacists, people who want to destroy the agencies they’re supposed to run, and people with ties to Russia and other foreign powers.

The president-elect obviously has no intention of rising to the requirements of his office.

He won’t even listen to U.S. intelligence agencies charged with gathering information to protect the American people and our national interests.

This is terrifying.

As Eric Garland points out, this is “serious Occam’s razor shit.” The concept of Occam’s razor holds that when there are two possible explanations for an occurrence, the simplest one is usually the one that’s more accurate. In other words, Donald Trump is a traitor whose business and personal interests align more with Russian’s than with the American people’s.

Hell, Donald Trump wasn’t even supposed to win.

And Mein Trumpf obviously has no intention of divesting from his businesses.

Or appointing a competent cabinet.

Eric Garland got lots of praise and retweets…But some Twitizens remain skeptical. After all, we’ve been down this road before.

And barring a miracle, even if Donald Trump goes down, we’ll still have a Republican in the White House.

Featured image: Composite with photos by Jeff Swenson and grandriver via Getty Images.

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