Jill Stein Just Responded To Trump’s Ridiculous NYE Message By Cutting Him Down To Size (TWEET)


The Donald’s recent passive-aggressive New Year’s Eve tweet has likely ruffled some feathers. It’s nice to wish your enemies well, but a more modest man might’ve found a slightly more tactful way of doing it.

But Jill Stein had a flawless retort to Trump’s inflated sense of accomplishment, pointing out that he didn’t deserve to get credit for the resounding victory he’s consistently tried to convince the world of. Stein even managed to throw in a dig against our tangerine President-Elect’s less-than-exceptional business record.

Stein didn’t let up, though. She started by pointedly mocking Trump’s massive ego.

Then she moved on, criticizing his poor attention to the actual facts of the election.

She then raised an excellent point, concerning Trump’s fear of having the presidency ripped out from under him if the numbers were confirmed.

She criticized Trump for making promises during his campaign that were highly unlikely to come true.

And she called attention to one of the most upsetting facts of our time, a fact that, ironically, likely resulted in Trump’s election to the presidency.

Finally, she closed it all out with a lesson in class for her former election opponent.

Featured image courtesy of Drew Angerer on Getty Images. All rights reserved. Image has been modified from its original form.

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