The Internet Just Responded To Donald Trump’s Childish NYE Message With Comedy Gold (TWEETS)


Donald Trump wrote a bizarre New Year’s Eve tweet criticizing his “enemies.” When his “enemies” decided to weigh in, the internet went wild!

Scott Olson showed a picture that went well beyond being worth a 1000 words. Russian president Vladimir Putin is known for his macho events, such as riding bareback sans shirt. Olson saddled up a porky Trump and had Putin riding him throughout the next four years.

For some reason, president-elect Trump being subservient to his pal Putin lends itself to the visual. In this cartoon, (((Tallman))) has the president-elect on his knees before the Russian president, exclaiming his treason is better than any.

Ryan Schwartz took his response to the Trump tweet down to the most direct message:

‘You’re an awful human being.’

Then there is outspoken television host Keith Olbermann who hit Trump hard where it hurts:

‘We @realDonaldTrump, are called loyal Americans.’

Lee Abbamonte wielded his sarcasm to a fine point:

‘You’re a shining example of humility, grace & American values to the youth of America & to nations around the world.’

Brian Tashman caught the president-elect in his own loop:

‘#NeverForget when Trump sent this tweet, manually retweeted himself and then deleted the original tweet.’

As a woman who knows her 12-year-olds and “old fools,” Kate Steinberg said:

‘@realDonaldTrump With each tweet you show yourself to be more pathetic. Any 12-year-old I know is more mature than u, old fool.’

Clyde Haberman pulled out the informal psychoanalyst card:

‘This kind of greeting is the mark of a soulless man, consumed by narcissism.’

Then, Ricardo Baniffy sent the president-elect a very special personal message:

‘I wish you a happy impeachment, @realDonaldTrump.’

Joshua Brandwood urged the president-elect to step into the office:

‘@realDonaldTrump You’re an absolute sociopath. I cannot believe U.S. citizens voted you into office. Act like a president!’

Tom Shafer reminds the Donald that he is a loser:

‘@realDonaldTrump By “lost so badly” you mean the 2.8 million popular vote margin you LOST by, correct?’

But in a final send-off, Ethan Lawrence boiled his message down to three powerful words:

‘Oh f*ck off.’

Featured Image: Getty Images/Isaac Brecken.

H/T: @realDonaldTrump.

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