Trump Adviser Calls For Stronger Measures Against Russia, Despite Calling Obama Petty For Sanctions


One of Donald Trump’s chief advisers, John Bolton, is calling for stronger measures against Russia. Bolton’s strong stance on Russia puts him at odds with some within his own party including President-elect Trump.

Bolton, who was once in the running to serve as Secretary of State in Trump’s administration, appeared on Fox and Friends Friday morning where he chided President Obama’s response to Russia as “useless.”

‘We really need to get past the politics of this because if even a piece of what is alleged about this Russian activity is true, it is utterly unacceptable. It is an attack on our constitutional system.’

Despite Bolton’s claims that he wants to move beyond politics, he spent several minutes attacking President Obama. He went so far as to say that Russia has “walked all over the Obama Adminsatrain for eight years.”

Trump has stated that the country should “move on” and that it is a waste of time to worry about Russian interference in the election. Bolton went on to compare the event to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

‘If Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor and all of its bombs and torpedoes had missed, no Americans killed, no ships sunk, would we have said no harm, no foul? No, it’s the effort that they made, if this is accurate, that should trouble us. Not the fact that it failed.’

Bolton said that he hopes the Trump administration will focus on improving cyber security so such attacks don’t happen in the future.

Bolton isn’t the only Trump-supporter who believes that President Obama has not done enough to punish Russia for their actions. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani described the imposed sanctions as “petty little actions” that “don’t mean much.”

‘Petty little actions like this don’t mean very much. It’s almost a mockery to say this is too little too late. It should have been done 10 months ago, 11 months ago, 12 months ago. If it is really true, the response should be much stronger.’

It’s rather ironic to hear Bolton and Giuliani criticizing President Obama for being too weak on Russia when Trump has gone out of his way stay on Putin’s good side. Trump has frequently praised the Russian President and his response to Russia’s interference in our election is that the country should “move on.”

For more information, you can check out Bolton’s interview below:


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