Man Arrested Mid-Flight After Going On Racist Rant Against Middle Eastern Passenger (VIDEO)


The New Zealand Herald has reported that a man who went on a racist rant was arrested after he caused an international flight to be diverted.

The paper reports that the flight, which originated in Sydney, Australia, was on its way to San Francisco when the man, who has not yet been named, began shouting racial and homophobic slurs. The plane was eventually forced to land in Auckland where the man was removed from the flight.

The man’s rant originally centered on the two people next to him. The passengers, who have not been named, were described as being of Pakistani or Indian descent. Those on the flight report that the man “exploded into a fit of rage” about 40 minutes into the flight.

The man reportedly burst into a racist rant when the two passengers, seated on either side of him, tried to have a conversation.

A flight attendant tried to calm him down, but the man then started shouting at her and cursing. Another passenger managed to catch this exchange on video.

‘If you guys treat people right on these things, you see two last names the same don’t put someone else in the middle of them. I’m not yelling … you want to hear me f****** yelling’

The man then started shouting about how cool it would be if the flight was turned around because of him.

‘Do you know how cool it would be to have the aeroplane turned around because of me? You are going to do that? You do that? I’m being so impolite aren’t I? Fat ass’

A passenger seated a few rows down said the man then turned his attention on the flight attendants who tried to calm him down.

‘The rant progressed from cursing Indians to Asians to Muslims to non-whites in general and calling flight crew f****** and fat asses. He was subdued after the pilot announced the diversion to Auckland.

When the plane landed, the man was escorted off by authorities and told to cooperate or he would face additional charges. Some passengers filmed him as he was being escorted off and he responded by calling them f**gots.

For more information, you can check out the video below.

Featured image via Youtube.

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