This Greeting From The KKK Is The Most Disturbing Thing You’ll Hear All Day (AUDIO)


Donald Trump may be trying to tone down his image ahead of the inauguration this month, but let’s not forget that this is the man who ran his presidential campaign on fear, hatred, racism, xenophobia, sexism, bigotry and, frankly, sheer ignorance. He is still the man who was endorsed by the KKK and similar hate groups. He is still the same man who set the stage for the alt-right movement that is currently taking place in America in 2017. We needn’t be fooled into thinking that anything has changed, or that he will somehow be a different man once he actually becomes president.

In fact, he’s still praised by hate groups who look up to him with high hopes of swiftly undoing Obama’s remarkable legacy and, to be quite frank, to #MakeAmericaWhiteAgain. In fact, the Ku Klux Klan recently changed their answering service to a recording in which they eagerly anticipate President Obama’s departure and President-elect Trump’s swearing in.

Bipartisan Report called the number and we were disgusted with just what we heard.

‘Greetings. You have reached the loyal white knights of the Klu Klux Klan,’ the recording begins.

Without mincing words, a thick Southern accent goes on to state:

‘We just want to let you know how happy we are that that n*gger Obama will be gone in a few days. Not only will white people rejoice, but black people will too.’

The recording then breaks into a tangent slamming Obama for putting America and millions of Americans in debt, before it segways into blaming “the Mexicans,” who are somehow to blame for Americans who are unable to afford to eat. Logic is a rare quality these days, am I right?

‘Obama has put not only our country in debt, but millions of Americans as well. Thank God Trump is going to take over and send the Mexicans back so the real Americans can have a chance at putting some food on the table and keeping the lights on once again. Finally, there will be more jobs available.’

The disturbing recording ends with a call to action for anyone crazy enough to contemplate joining these white whack jobs:

‘If you’re white and proud, join the crowd. White power!’

As disturbing as it is, it’s also a reminder that racism is alive and well in America in 2017; something that will be pretty hard to deny with Trump as commander-in-chief.

Here’s the number if you want to call and hear for yourself. Be sure to leave a message: 1-336-432-0386.

Or, you can listen to the recording below, via SoundCloud:

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