JUST IN: President Obama Offers Baron Trump A Gift – Donald Refuses To Accept


Every time a new family moves into the White House, tradition seems to dictate that they add a little something, and the Obamas were no exception. Michelle tacked on a lovely vegetable garden, which she took major steps to make more permanent back in October. Barack and his wife also picked out a playset for Sasha and Malia, so the kids could play outside while dad ran the country.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump, whose son with Melania is now 10, didn’t see the value of such an item. Obama offered to let his successor keep the playset after he left office, but Trump wasn’t interested.

Fortunately, the set isn’t just going to the dump. According to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, the playset is destined for a charitable organization, where hopefully a school or family in need will be able to enjoy it.

Trump has a young kid and a whopping eight grandchildren. So why didn’t he want to keep the playset?

One reason is practicality. Trump and his past spouses have made it abundantly clear that the real estate mogul-turned-politician doesn’t have much interest in raising children himself. Perhaps he either wasn’t thinking about the kids much, or didn’t plan on having any of them over at the White House. A children’s playset would, therefore, be an eyesore that would get little use.

Alternatively, it’s possible the playset just didn’t jibe with The Donald’s expensive taste. He certainly has a specific style that he seems to be fond of. Maybe the drab brown structure just doesn’t strike Trump as visually impressive enough to hang out at his home during his administration. In that case, we should all keep our eyes open for a gaudy gold playground to be installed on the White House lawn at some point in 2017.

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