President Obama Blamed For Racially Motivated Attack That Donald Trump Provoked


Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham took to Twitter to demand an apology from President Obama for the assault of a disabled white man by four black assailants.

‘Will denounce the beating of a white disabled man by black youth while they screamed “f— Trump” & “f— white ppl”?’

Ingraham’s Twitter follower reacted exactly as you’d expect, with racism and plenty of attacks on President Obama.

Disgusting! Why can’t Trump sworn in right NOW? He would put this nonsense to an end!’

Never, ever. Obama thinks the white man is “the problem” and likely did something to deserve the beating.’

No. his inaction speaks volumes.’

of course he won’t he is the cause of all this black violence worst during his presidency!’

you’ll never hear “that could’ve been my son in Chicago” he’s only interested in demonizing white ppl’

Considering Obama started the movement I’m thinking no. We never had this problem beforehand.

No, this is what he wanted. He followed the saul alinsky playbook of how to divided a nation & cause chaos.’

These tweets are rather confusing, to say the least. For starters, what do they want President Obama to do? This is a matter for local law enforcement, and it is being handled. Four people have been arrested, and the matter is being investigated as a hate crime.

Beyond that, the event might not even be a hate crime because the some of the reports say the fight started due to a traffic accident. The attackers did shout anti-Trump rhetoric, but politics does not appear to be the reason the fight began.

The rest of the tweets are equally absurd. The comments regarding Saul Alinsky really came out of left field, but, then again, Alinsky has been a boogeyman to the right for decades. Whenever the right needs to blame someone for some conspiracy, it’s either Alinsky or George Soros.

On the whole, Ingraham’s rant was rather absurd, but she’s probably just trying to get some last-minute Obama hating in. We don’t know what she’ll do once he leaves office.

Featured image via Getty Images.

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