Trump ERUPTS At Schwarzenegger Over Apprentice Ratings During Morning Twitter Meltdown


The man who will become the president of our country in just two weeks, a man embroiled in scandals involving the Russian hacking of the U.S. election, is busy slamming his replacement on a reality television show. Is this all starting to sound a little like some episode of a bad political melodrama? Apparently, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Celebrity Apprentice ratings in the 15th season of a show already long past its prime did not match up to the ratings Trump drew in the first season of what was once a novel new show idea with the catchy tagline, “you’re fired.” Trump believes this means that there is something wonderful and special about him.

That’s right. The future president of our country is referring to himself in third person as “DJT.” He also refers to himself as a “ratings machine.” His ego truly knows no bounds. His crowing about the show’s stellar ratings with “DJT” as host is also seriously misguided. While it’s true that the show started out strong, its ratings tanked in later seasons much like other reality competition shows that the public grows quickly tired of watching. After all, American Idol was once consider a ratings juggernaut and broke all records for TV viewing, but it fell to the wayside as viewers grew tired of the repetitive formula. Such is life in the world of reality television. Further, the show’s initial success cannot be entirely created to Trump himself. After all, the show has a producer, Mark Burnett, who also produced other reality competition shows with huge initial ratings, like Survivor. Trump seems to give no credit to Burnett or any of the massive number of people involved in creating the show. It’s all about “DJT,” the “ratings machine.” What is most alarming about his tweets, however, is the pettiness behind his justification for trashing the show that made him the celebrity he became. “Who cares, he supported Kasich & Hillary” is Trump’s way of saying, “Anyone who didn’t bow down to me during my campaign is fair game for public ridicule by the president of the United States now.” Trump still doesn’t get that not everyone voted for him, but that he will need to represent those who didn’t support his campaign as president. In fact, a majority of voters cast their ballots for Trump’s opponent and a growing movement in protest of his presidency has already begun. Trump’s victory was not the “landslide” he continues to insist that it was. In fact, Trump’s win places him in 46th place out of the past 58 elections. 46th place is not a landslide. As the world waits to hear the details on how a foreign adversary upended the democratic process in the United States presidential elections through cyberattacks and fake news stories, our upcoming president distracts with petty and self-serving tweets about a reality television show. We should all feel so much safer knowing that our president was once a “ratings machine” that can’t be bested by a “movie star.” Featured image via Getty/Jason LaVeris

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