WATCH: Protests Erupt As Vice President Joe Biden Fights Congress (VIDEO)


Democrats in the House and Senate have tried everything in their playbook to keep Trump from being president. Earlier this week, a 1000-page briefing came out that reveals at least 50 Trump electors occupied their positions illegally, and House Democrats had no qualms about bringing that fact up. There was also the fact that Russian operatives almost certainly had a hand in influencing the course of the US election, and may have even been responsible for Trump being elected. And let’s not forget the grey areas created by voter rights restrictions that were extremely likely to favor Trump.

Democrats in the House during the electoral vote count brought up each of these facts in turn, and were shut down individually by Vice President Joe Biden. First off, a man stood to object to Florida’s electoral vote count, saying that ten of the electors had violated electoral college laws by holding dual office. Biden reprimanded the man, saying that his objection could not be entertained without the support of a sitting senator.

The count went on with a woman who stood to voice her disapproval of the final vote count in Georgia. As she attempted to speak on her issue, Biden shut her down by citing the same section of US law that kept the man’s objection from being sustained.

So it seems that all the objections were for naught. Biden, who knows the law well enough to understand that the Dems have exhausted their options, finally threw in the towel in the fight to keep Trump from being President. Following the arguments from the two Democrats, Biden finally declared “it’s over” to raucous applause from members of the GOP in the House of Representatives.

To put the icing on this awful cake, watch Paul Ryan’s manic laugh at the end. This is a man who had serious concerns about Trump until very close to the end. Never underestimate the abilities of a Republican to fall in line if it means consolidating power and pushing forward an ideology.

For an extra treat, watch this C-SPAN video, where you can see the protesters being removed from the room.

Featured image is a screen capture from the first video.

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