Fla. Rick Scott Does Not Call President Obama For Resources After Airport Shooting (VIDEO)


History will not look kindly at the Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott. After a shooter left five people dead in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport Friday, the governor made a big mistake. He picked up his phone and instead of calling President Barack Obama for resources, he called a civilian.

For some reason, Republicans are committed to ushering in the orange man two weeks before he is inaugurated. Then there was the time they robbed President Obama of his choice for a Supreme Court justice for 11 months! The Republicans’ abject rudeness and racism is appalling.

In Scott’s news conference late Friday afternoon, he admitted he called the not-president Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence:

‘I have reached out to President-elect Trump, and spoken to him and to Vice President-elect (Mike) Pence multiple times to keep them informed, and they told me whatever resources that we need from the federal government, they would do everything in their power to make that happen.’

Reporters were stunned at the Florida governor’s response, after they asked him whether he had called the president. The governor said he called Trump and Pence a number of times each, but not one call to President Obama. Scott might as well have said, “no way, no how.’

One reporter asked Scott:

‘Wouldn’t it be appropriate to call the president for resources?’

Scott might as well have said that he prefers to hang out with people like himself — in every way. He said:

‘I have a personal relationship with Vice President Pence and President-elect Trump, and I reached out.’

The gov finally reached Trump, and the president-elect tweeted (of course) that he had talked to Scott.

Clearly the better man, President Obama called Scott and said his prayers were with the governor’s people.

During Scott’s press conference, a second reporter asked about banning weapons in airports. Rather than just avoiding the question, Scott attacked the reporter, saying the question was not appropriate:

‘It’s horrible what happened here. It’s not time to be political. It’s a time to mourn those that lost their life, finish an investigation, and pray for everybody who is still fighting for their life.’

Maybe Scott was just concerned that the state’s SB140 might not do so well after an airport massacre. That bill does not like a current law, which prevents guns in airports, governmental meetings, and classrooms. SB140 would allow nearly everyone to pack their heat in plain sight.

Officials identified the alleged gunman as Esteban Santiago, 26, of Anchorage, Alaska, and police took him into custody late Friday. He shot and killed five people and wounded another eight travelers in the baggage claim area of Terminal 2.

Check out this video of Scott’s press conference. He is cold!

Featured Image: Screenshot.

H/T: CBS Local.

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