Rosie O’Donnell Tweets ‘F*CK U’ To Paul Ryan – Internet Explodes With Laughter (IMAGES)


Rosie O’Donnell seems to have more than just one enemy in the Republican party. Though her distaste for the president-elect is well known across the internet, O’Donnell took to Twitter the other day to voice her hatred of another prominent GOPer, Paul Ryan.

O’Donnell’s tweet was prompted by another from Strangers with Candy actor Sarah Thyre. Thyre was the first to deliver a most eloquent quip, announcing “Dear @SpeakerRyan: Fuck you. Love, me and @pussyrrriot.” The tweet was accompanied by a video from the band Pussy Riot entitled “Straight Outta Vagina,” where the band sings in heavy Russian accents about the place from where all of us emerged, screaming and covered in amniotic fluid.

This sets the stage for the specific purpose of the O’Donnell and Thyre tweets. Both of them came only a day after Ryan had announced that he and other members of the GOP would move to cut funding for Planned Parenthood. O’Donnell sent hers as Speaker Ryan was presiding over a session of Congress where electoral votes were being counted.

O’Donnell’s feud with President-elect Donald Trump is well-catalogued and longstanding. Most recently, she called for him to be arrested and referred to the mogul-turned politician as “mentally unstable.”

Their feud likely stemmed from a 2006 incident, where the former host of The View tore into Trump over comments he made about a contestant on Miss USA. Trump, in turn, has referred to O’Donnell as “a pig” and called her a “loser.”

Fortunately, Rosie’s not limited just to words in her fight against Trump. The 54-year-old comic is slated to perform at an inauguration day concert to benefit a number of human rights organizations. The show will include a number of celebrities from Broadway and beyond, including Rosie Perez, Bebe Neuwirth, Betty Buckley, Chita Rivera, and Brian Stokes Mitchell. The proceeds from the show will go to a number of worthy causes, including The Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Check out the internet’s response to Rosie’s tweet below:





Screenshots Via Twitter

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