Trump Goes On Morning Twitter Rampage Against NBC For Conway Interview (TWEET)


The president-elect just fired off a virulently, irrationally anti-media Sunday morning tweet.

Trump wrote, “Kellyanne Conway went to Meet the Press this morning for an interview with Chuck Todd. Dishonest media cut out 9 of her 10 minutes. Terrible!”

Now, the thing is, just because Meet the Press didn’t air the entirety of Chuck Todd’s interview with Kellyanne Conway, that doesn’t make them “dishonest” or “terrible.”

Meet the Press has a set beginning and end time. Perhaps the interview went on beyond the time originally allotted for it?

That’s one explanation. Another is that perhaps Todd simply gave Conway a great deal more time than she necessarily needed to answer his questions, and the interview was edited down to include just the core of her statements.

There’s not necessarily any legitimate reason for Trump to claim Meet the Press as dishonest or terrible just because they edited Conway’s interview with Todd. It’s Todd’s show, and it’s his job to distill what people say to him for his viewers consumption. It’s not Conway’s show.

Trump, however, has shown himself yet again to be irrationally dead set against the nation’s media. Sure, the media has trouble getting on top of stories on a great many occasion. Sure, there is bias that isn’t properly dealt with on some occasions.

But Trump isn’t concerned with simply strengthening professional standards for the news media industry. Rather, he enjoys taking to slamming the news media so virulently on multiple occasions to have sparked physical threats against journalists from his supporters.

Before and after Trump’s tweet slamming Meet the Press for editing Conway’s interview, he retweeted multiple posts about the interview itself.

The interview snippet that he retweeted most recently highlights an issue near and dear to Trump — that Russia “did not succeed in attempts to sway the presidential election.”

Of course, Trump and Conway’s assertion to that effect completely ignores the serious issue of that Russia waged an unprecedented months-long propaganda campaign against Hillary Clinton heading into the presidential election.

But neither of them seem to care. After all, Trump’s the president now, and that’s all that matters, right?

Featured Image via Noam Galai/ WireImage.

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