Fox News Tries To Defend Trump – Ends Up Making Him Look Like Even Bigger A**hole (VIDEO)


Meryl Streep delivered a heartfelt acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, where she politely but firmly decried Donald Trump’s childish behavior during the primaries. Without ever mentioning the president-elect by name, Streep gave the entire country a fantastic reminder of why we should, under no circumstances, let The Donald normalize the bigotry and hate he’s used in his run-up to becoming president. The speech primarily concerned the middle school-style gestures Trump used to make fun of disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski.

Conservatives across America, of course, flocked to the defense of their favorite rapist, and Fox News themselves attempted to eke out a rebuttal — by lashing out with an amped-up level of craziness and irrationality and completely divorcing themselves from reality. In fact, Fox & Friends definitely managed to win the award for the most embarrassingly failed attempt at defending Trump of them all, making the president-elect look like even more of a bully than the people who hate him the most did.

This Monday, Fox & Friends tweeted their reply to Streep’s criticism of Trump, by putting together a video of him mocking several other people in a similar way. The video contained the text “Meryl Streep slammed Mr. Trump for ‘mocking’ a disabled reporter, but videos show he may not have targeted reporter.”

The staff of the news show seemed to be under the impression that one can excuse bad behavior by actually showing more of it. The result was basically akin to a criminal defense attorney playing videos of their client beating people up, and saying “See? He assaults a lot of people! Not just disabled folks!” Their clip features the president-elect during several moments where he makes convulsive hand gestures that look a lot like the ones he used to make fun of Kovaleski. We’re literally going to have a president who responds to criticism by using the 7th grade “dumb-dumb” voice.

Unfortunately for Mr. Trump and his lackeys, there’s really no way of getting around the fact that he was literally targeting Kovaleski, just like the Washington Post reported. Trump prefaced his mockery by saying “the poor guy, you ought to see this guy”, before imitating the bent wrists caused by Kovaleski’s arthrogryposis, a congenital disease that causes joints to involuntarily contract.

The main thing Fox News managed to accomplish with their tweet is to prove that they have no attachment to reality whatsoever, and that they’ll do anything they can to defend their orange god. It’ll be fun when he gets impeached.

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