A Petition in Russia Leaves Americans Wondering – Why Do They Care About Us So Much?


Since Donald Trump assumed the title of President-elect, numerous petitions have circulated from individuals trying to stop him from setting foot in the White House. However, in the town of Ryazan, Russia, a very different Donald Trump petition is being signed.

A 34-year-old Russian man, Sergey Bizyukin, has started a petition to rename one of Ryazan’s streets after Trump.

The street in question is currently named “Godless Street,” but Bizyukin hopes to rechristen it “Donald Trump Street.” Bizyukin’s petition currently has nearly 300 signatures, CNN reports.

According to Bizyukin, there are many reasons why people are signing the petition. He explained to CNN:

‘Some saw it as a joke and signed because it was fun, some stood for normalization of US-Russia ties, and some signed because they don’t like the name of Godless Street.’

Bizyukin has given his petition the slogan “Make Ryazan Great Again,” an obvious nod to Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Many of Ryazan’s residents have positive feelings about Donald Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a relationship that has been cause for concern among Americans.

One Ryazan man said about Trump and Putin:

‘They have good ties. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin respects Donald Trump exactly the same way Donald Trump respects Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.’

Another praised Trump at length when questioned by CNN:

‘He’s positive, good. I think they will be friends and everything will be fine. I like Trump. I like his family, his ties with children, wife — all of that. He does not want to go to war, he wants to make friends. What’s bad about it?’

While many of the people of Ryazan have positive feelings towards Trump, they do not necessarily feel renaming Godless Street after him is a good idea.

One man said about renaming the street, “I don’t think it makes sense to rename it. What’s going to change?”
Another said that the only reason to make the change would be to show respect for Trump:

‘It could be a sign of respect to Trump, that’s all. But we shouldn’t do it now, maybe later. But it won’t make much difference, just to show respect.’

According to CNN, another obstacle that Bizyukin’s petition faces is the fact that Ryazan’s city council prohibits naming streets after people who are still living. Whether or not Bizyukin succeeds in renaming the street, though, he will not be discouraged. He explained that his main purpose is to improve relations between the U.S. and Russia, and he feels the petition has started a conversation to help the two countries move forward.

A news report about the petition can be seen below, via YouTube.


Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

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