Protesters Dressed In KKK Robes And Hoods Disrupt Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing (VIDEO)


It seems many people are opposed to Sen. Jeff Sessions becoming the newest Attorney General, and it’s not just liberals.

On Tuesday, just as his confirmation hearing was beginning, two protesters dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes publicly denounced Trump’s pick for attorney general. In total, 9 protesters interrupted the Senate Judiciary Committee and were eventually removed from the premises.

‘So far 3 interruptions of Sessions hearing. 7 protesters removed. (2 were before hearing began). Sessions is moving ahead without issue.’

NewsHour correspondent Lisa Desjardins caught this video footage of the protesters dressed as Klansmen as Sessions walked in:

ABC reporter Sam Sweeney caught video footage of one protester who shouted:

‘You can’t arrest me! I’m white!’

Subsequent protesters were thrown out of Sessions’ hearing, some of whom were so rowdy that they almost knocked over TV camera, according to Sweeney:

‘More protesters thrown out of Sessions hearing nearly knocking over TV cameras. @ABC7News’

Civil rights groups were present at the confirmation hearing to urge the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject Sessions’ nomination due to past efforts to “block black judges from serving on the federal branch.”

Sen. Hank Sanders spoke of Sessions, telling Mother Jones:

‘It was definitely Jeff Sessions that was preventing the appointment of an African American.’

The hearing ultimately continued, despite numerous interruptions from protesters who are seemingly disgusted at the idea of Sessions becoming the next attorney general.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ.) will break with Senate tradition to join Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon and a Democrat from Georgia, to testify against Sessions’ appointment this upcoming Tuesday.

Protests continued throughout the first hour of Sessions’ hearing, with many people unabashedly voicing their distaste for the President-elect’s pick for attorney general.

Mother Jones reporter Pema Levy tweeted what she witnessed:

‘A black man is dragged from Sessions hearing for shouting “No Trump, No KKK”‘

‘You’re a pig – Another women escorted out of Sessions hearing calls out.’

‘An audience member at Sessions’ confirmation is reading “The New Jim Crow” during Sessions’ opening statement.’

Feature Image via Getty Images. All rights reserved.

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