Watch As A Man Rejoicing GOP’s Obamacare Repeal Finds Out He Has Obamacare (SCREENSHOTS)


Donald Trump supporters are a very unique subsect of the population of America. It’s unfortunate how many there are, given how extremely out-to-lunch so many of them seem to be. But in an epic turn of events, one Trump supporter realized that he voted against his own interests, making a giant fool of himself in the process.

As you may recall, Trump supporters first started to question themselves when they realized that Trump was indeed serious about repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as ObamaCare. Earlier this week, the Senate voted 51 to 48 to move forward with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal.

One Trump supporter rejoiced, praising Donald Trump for “fixing this mistake [with] only a couple of weeks left of Barry’s regime.”

Little did he know he was about to get schooled.

His friends clearly weren’t pleased with his lack of empathy for those who use ACA care, commenting:

‘Really cool of you to treat those of us who need the assistance provided by the ACA with such disregard.’


The poster then arrogantly fired back:

‘First, we’re talking about Obamacare, not the ACA. Secondly, my health insurance is through the ACA, so I’m definitely not the kind of person to look down on others from needing help… I’m just saying I’m glad this is finally happening because Obamacare was a failure from the start…’

zing3Wow, the stupid is strong with this one. Not only is he just regurgitating GOP points on ObamaCare, he has absolutely no idea that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and ObamaCare are one and the same thing. Even worse is that he has no idea he has just cheered on the GOP for scrapping his health insurance!

Thankfully, this person has a good friend who tried to inform him of his mistake:

‘Well… If You’re on Obamacare why the f*** are you celebrating the outcome of this vote? If the Republicans get what they want, you’ll lose your insurance.’


Still certain he is well informed and knows what’s going on, the poster retorts:

‘I’m not on Obamacare. My health insurance is through the ACA (Affordable Care Act), which was what they had to come up with after Obamacare crashed and burned as bad as it did. So I’m gonna be fine.’


This exchange is almost impossible to read without shaking your head. This person has their head so far in the sand that they don’t even know a way out.

After this comment, the other contributors didn’t hold back. They called this Trump-er out for not doing his own research, and were just in utter disbelief.

After talking amongst themselves for a few more minutes, they realized the original poster wasn’t going to respond and called it a day.

But this post still ranks near the top of our list for “Dumb Things Said in 2017.”

Read the full exchange below:


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