Clinton Makes Rare Post-Election Address, Delivers Important Message To Trump (STATEMENT)


2016 Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, took the stage on Tuesday to deliver a powerful speech to Americans at the grand opening of a new exhibit at the State Department, CNN producer Dan Merica reports.

‘Hillary Clinton, speaking at the State Department today, had a subtle message for Trump: Diplomacy is a requirement, not a burden.’

Clinton – who has made very few public addresses since conceding the presidential election to Donald Trump – took the opportunity to emphasize the role diplomacy places in spreading global peace, and how many countries look to America for leadership in doing so.

The former First Lady told the crowd:

‘Democracy, freedom and the rule of law are under attack around the world. A rising tide of authoritarian and illiberalism threatens that foundation of the post WWII global era that American diplomats have built and defending since Marshall and Acheson.’

According to reports from The Washington Post, the museum features a section named after her, called the Hillary Clinton pavilion. The pavilion is a glass entrance to the complex which is complete with a glass ceiling.

According to the State Department’s website, the Hillary Clinton pavilion will “engage visitors in exploring U.S. relationships with nations around the world.”

Clinton went on to tell the crowd that many countries look to America as an “indispensable” nation that can “weather every storm on the horizon,” which sounded a lot like foreshadowing ahead of President-elect Trump’s inauguration set for the 20th of this month.

‘We should remember that the world looks to America as the indispensable nation not just because of the size of our military or the strength of our economy, it looks to us because America stands for universal values and aspirations and if we stay true to those values, like the best of the men and women whose leadership and services will be commemorated here, then our country will weather every storm on the horizon.’

There you have it. A simple but meaningful address from a powerful and intelligent female leader. Although she’s largely (and very understandably) kept herself away from the public eye following her election defeat, Clinton’s words ring true for many Americans.

Feature Image via Getty Images.

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