Hillary Clinton’s Aide Speaks Out Against FBI Director Comey – He Had This Coming


The people of America are likely all sitting on the edges of their seats in the wake of the information released yesterday, showing ties between Trump and Russia. The briefing that president-elect Trump and President Obama received last week allegedly contained information which demonstrated that Russia has “compromising personal and financial about Mr. Trump”, according to CNN.

This information was apparently derived from notes made by a former British intelligence agent, whom they believe to be credible.

Two national security officials allege that communication during the campaign occurred between “Trump surrogates and intermediaries to the Russian government.”

The evidence they refer to was allegedly included in a synopsis included with the intelligence briefing, but not as a part of the Russian interference investigation. It is asserted that this information was included because:

‘[The intelligence community wanted Trump] to know that this information was being circulated about him among intelligence agencies, with senior members in Congress and other government officials in Washington.’

Wednesday, a new perspective on this story comes out from a fairly unexpected place.

Robby Mook, a campaign aid to Hillary Clinton came forward and slammed James Comey, Director of the FBI for not giving the public or Congress any warning about this communication prior to the election. He asserts in a Tweet:

‘CNN: James Comey was given information about Trump exchanges with Russia last year, but no letter to Congress (& the voters)? Stunning.’

He provides this, alongside a photo of a document which supposedly proves that James Comey had information on Trump-Russia ties dating back a year. Mook likely makes this statement because of the way in which the election results may be different, had Comey and the FBI provided this information to anyone when they allegedly became aware.

It is important to acknowledge the implications of Mook’s Tweet. By his statement, he seems to be suggesting that Comey had a vested interest in Trump’s victory, or at least, reacted unequally to claims against Clinton and Trump during the campaign.

As you likely recall, Comey wrote a letter highlighting new emails found relating to the Clinton private email server investigation only 11 days prior to the election. Meanwhile, Comey allegedly had information that Trump was potentially compromised by a foreign country, yet did not release it.

An interesting allegation, indeed.

Feature image via Getty Images/Drew Angerer.

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