JUST IN: The Fact Check Is In On Donald Trump’s First Press Conference, And It’s ‘SAD!’


In case you missed it, Donald Trump held his first press conference as PEOTUS Wednesday morning at Trump Tower in New York City. In terms of content, if you did miss, it you didn’t miss very much. He essentially went over the same things he’s been saying for an awfully long time, regardless of how many times he’s been fact-checked and told they were simply untrue.

He also managed to make a complete fool of himself. Granted, that isn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence with his Twitter rampages and poor ethical conduct. It was still quite shocking when the president-elect of the United States says things like “and ISIS by the way is #1 tricky.”

It is also important to note that the “press conference” in question, was essentially Donald Trump saying what Donald Trump wanted to say and taking very few questions from the press.

To give you a summary, here is a short list of everything untrue the president-elect had to say during this “press conference,” and what is actually happening in the real world:

STATEMENT: Donald Trump claimed he used to hold news conferences “almost daily”:

‘It’s very familiar territory: news conferences, because we used to give them on an almost daily basis.’

TRUTH: Donald Trump last held a news conference on July 27th. The closest thing he did to “many press conferences” would be the many rallies and events of that nature he spoke at during the campaign. What is true is that he did get a lot of media attention for the outlandish statements he made during them, and the bizarre (unhinged) behavior of the attendees. Nevertheless, those are not “news conferences.”


STATEMENT: Trump claims credit for keeping automotive manufacturing jobs in America, citing recent decisions by Fiat Chrysler and Ford:

‘You saw yesterday Fiat Chrysler; big, big factory going to be built in this country as opposed to another country.’

Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Chrysler claimed their decision was the rest of year-long planning: 

‘It has been part of the discussion going back to 2015 with Dennis Williams and the UAW [United Automotive Workers]’

As for Ford, Trump said:

‘Ford announced that they stopped plans for a billion-dollar plant in Mexico and they’re going to be moving into Michigan and expanding, very substantially, an existing plant.’

TRUTH: Mike Fields, CEO of Ford issued a statement last Tuesday (Jan. 3) that:

‘The reason that we are not building the new plant, the primary reason, is just demand has gone down for small cars.’

Ford also cites the ease of finding highly skilled workers to build electric cars and other more innovative automobiles as a reason for staying in America. So in reality, it’s Americans that caused Ford to stay, not Trump.

STATEMENT: Trump then tried to claim that no one cared about hacks prior to the Russian DNC hack. He cites the Chinese espionage where a ton of information was taken from the Office of Management Personnel:

‘When we lost 22 million names…they didn’t make a big deal out of that.’

TRUTH: According to Mark Berman of the Washington Post’s tweet, it was on the front-page.

Furthermore, most if not all major news outlets did extensive reporting and writing on the topic, including the New York Times, CNN Politics and NBC News. Many other media outlets ran stories as well, following up with the government, questioning the Feds about how it got past them, etc.

But beyond all of that is also the point that the Russian hack of the DNC is significantly more concerning than the Chinese Office of Personnel Management (OPM) hack. The simple reason for that is that the Russians intended to and were successful in meddling in the United States election, while the Chinese were passive in their approach. All that they sought to gain was information, perhaps for blackmail purposes, but not to effectively drive change or undermine democracy.


‘This administration created ISIS by leaving at the wrong time. The void was created, ISIS was formed.’

Truth: Talk about a gross over-simplification. No one factor was exclusively responsible for the formation of ISIS.

STATEMENT: Trump attempts to get viewers and press to believe that he has no dealings with Russia to further fuel the rumors of his Russian ties. He also asserts that the reason he has no ties with Russia is because he didn’t want them:

‘I have no deals that could happen in Russia, because we’ve stayed away. And I have no loans with Russia.’

Yes, Trump. We’ve heard you say that before as well on Twitter, that doesn’t make it true:


TRUTH: Now this one is frankly hilarious. Let’s make a list for this. Trump attempted to make deals with Russia in:

  • 1987 for a luxury hotel – no deal
  • 1996 for a condominium – no deal
  • 2005 he retained a NY developer to assist in setting up a Trump Tower in Moscow – no deal

Furthermore, this statement is contradicted by his own son, Donald Jr. who said in 2008:

‘Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets…We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.’

STATEMENT: Despite the long line of presidents before him who released tax returns, and claiming that his tax returns would put to rest any concerns over Russian ties, he belittles the request (yet again):

‘The only one that cares about my tax returns are the reporters…’

TRUTH: Thousands of people on Twitter alone have confirmed that actually many Americans still care very much about your tax returns, Donald. Furthermore, didn’t you promise to release those if you won? So claiming that you know that no one cares because you won makes no sense at all.


‘We have hundreds of billions of dollars of losses on a yearly basis — hundreds of billions with China on trade and trade imbalance, with Japan, with Mexico, with just about everybody.’

TRUTH: Trump just has absolutely no idea how trading works, or what a trade imbalance means.

STATEMENT: Trump, in response to the report that BuzzFeed and CNN shared nationally yesterday regarding some disturbing and perverted accusations about Trump during his time in Moscow, claimed that:

‘I think it’s a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public.’

…Except he was a huge advocate of the idea that President Barack Obama lied about his place of birth, which was determined time and time again to be false. But he didn’t find it a “disgrace” when Obama was going through it?

We could very literally go on and on. It would take hours to go through everything false, misleading or which demonstrated a lack of understanding that was included in this “press conference.”

That said, his comments on the following are also at least partly false:

  • Russians tried to hack the RNC as well but “didn’t break through”
    • Russians did not delve as deeply into the RNC
  • Hillary Clinton received debate questions
    • Her staff were sent a single question which would be asked of her in Flint regarding the water situation
  • “I have a no conflict situation because I’m president.”
  • “Some states have over 100% premium increase” with ObamaCare
    • 22% is the average increase on premiums
    • 71% is the highest in Oklahoma
  • We saved 1,000 jobs with Carrier
    • 1,253 jobs are going to Mexico still
    • 730 are staying and most of those were pre-planned
  • 96 million people want work but can’t find it
    • 95.1 million people are not in the Labor force; 93 percent of that 95.1 million do not want work, they are stay-at-home parents, disabled, students, retired etc.
    • The unemployment rate is 4.7%, or 7.5 million people

So this press conference was really, really bad to say the least. Watch this 3 minute summary of the conference below for more:

Feature image via Getty Images/Steve Pope.

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