Trump’s New Approval Ratings Are In – Prepare For All Hell To Break Loose (GRAPH)


Most of the country didn’t like him much when he cruised to the White House. Now Donald Trump’s popularity with the American people has taken a nose dive, according to approval rating polls by Quinnipiac University.

Although American voters approve of his predecessor Barack Obama by the ratio of 55% to 39%, The Donald isn’t quite as lucky. That same group of voters dislikes the Tangerine Toddler by a ratio of 51% against to 37% for.

In fact, Trump’s approval ratings are so bad that he’s officially set a record. Donald Trump is now the least popular President-elect in US history! At least he’s been exceptional at something.

Forty-five percent of voters say they believe Trump will be worse as a President than Obama, while 34% said he’d do better, and 15% thought the two men would perform to roughly the same standards.

Oddly enough, though, Americans haven’t totally given up on Trump. Fifty-two percent characterized themselves as being “optimistic” about the next 4 years under the mogul-turned-politician, while 43% are not. A full 47% said that Trump will buoy the nation’s economy, against 31% who said he’d hurt it. This, at least, seems to be borne out by evidence to some degree. According to CNBC, markets and optimism about them shot up in the days post election, probably in no small part due to Wall Street’s predictions that Trump will make moves which will help their bottom line.

Trump’s approval numbers on how he will perform as president are also surprisingly rosy considering how most of the country hates him. Although only 12% of the country thought he’d be a “great” president, a full 30% thought he’d do a “good” job. Over 50% were slightly or highly pessimistic about his chances of helping the country. Twenty percent of respondents said he’d be “not so good”, and 32% thought he’d do a “bad” job.

The really harsh numbers are yet to come, though. That’s because, when asked about a large set of Trump’s personal attributes, the public’s opinion of him seemed to drop, sometimes by enormous amounts.

When asked if Trump was honest, the folks who said no have been in the majority. On November 22nd, the noes won out by 52% to 42%. Now, the number of noes has increased by 1 percent to 53%, and the number of yeses decreased by 3 points to 39%.

When asked about Trump’s leadership skills, the results were even worse. Compared to a 56% to 38% spread between people who said Trump had good leadership skills to folks who disagreed, the number of respondents who thought Trump had good leadership skills fell, from 49% yeses to 44% no’s.

He also received a huge drop in the number of people who thought he cared about the average American. Back in November, that number was 51% yes to 45% no. Now, however, it’s 52% no to 44% yes.

Of course, not very many people characterized Trump as level-headed at any point, with 57% saying no in November and 38% saying yes. But that number has gotten significantly worse, with 62% saying no and 33% saying yes in the most recent poll.

And in a huge blow to the outgoing entrepreneur, a full 74% of respondents characterized him as intelligent back in November. That number has since fallen to 68%.

Featured image courtesy of Getty/Spencer Platt.

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