Twitter Ruthlessly Mocks Donald Trump’s Nightmarish First Press Conference (TWEETS)


Donald Trump’s press conference is frankly a giant sh*tshow. Donald seems to believe and have surrounded himself with people who are willing to let him believe, that he can do and say absolutely anything he pleases.

He began by having others speak on his behalf about the alleged #GoldenShower report which circulated yesterday. He simultaneously calls the press good and bad, and can barely form sentences. He again takes credit for the automotive manufacturing jobs staying in the United States despite the auto companies in question issuing statements saying he had nothing to do with their decisions.

Meanwhile, the Twitterverse was not letting him get away with any of it.

Check out the hilarious things people are Tweeting in response to the #TrumpPressConference:

‘Why all the clapping and cheering? Is this a rally or a press conference? #TrumpPressConference’

‘That was nice of SNL to give us a bonus episode this morning.’

‘Trump says “don’t be rude” immediately after calling Buzzfeed a “pile of garbage.” #TrumpPressConference’

‘Complaining that the reporters are demonizing you is kinda like saying a mirror makes you look fat #TrumpPressConference’

Others just mocked his lack of coherency, his inability to say the word ‘industry’ and the profoundly shallow nature of the conversations:

‘This word salad is giving me a f******g headache #TrumpPressConference’

‘Trump’s news conference is like the time I tried to give a book report for a book I didn’t read. #TrumpPressConference’

‘There are so many disconcerting things coming from this press conference that my head is about to explode #TrumpPressConference’

‘Fun #TrumpPressConference Drinking Game: Take a shot every time Donald Trump says, “Donald Trump”. aaaaand you’re dead.’

‘Reporter: What’s timeline 4 repealing Obamacare?
Trump: You’ll be very, very proud.


‘Trump still finds whatever he’s hiding in his tax returns to be [more] embarrassing thatn everything we’ve discovered so far #TrumpPressConference’

‘I think we have one of the great cabinets ever put together #TrumpPressConference’

‘A live look into the #TrumpPressConference right now: [PHOTO]’

Can someone, anyone around Donald Trump please get this man to pull himself together?


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