Anti-LGBT Trump Executive Order Leaked To Media – Prepare To Be Outraged


A White House official spoke on the condition of anonymity to a reporter from the New Civil Rights Movement and gave details on the draft of an executive order planned by the Trump administration.

The anonymous source is now backed up by a Washington Post reporter, who tweeted the information he had.

According to the source:

‘High ranking officials in the Trump administration are discussing the preparation of an executive order which would roll back and nullify President Barack Obama’s 2014 executive orders…which protect employees from anti-LGBT workplace discrimination while working for federal contractors.’

In the latest update from the New Civil Rights Movement, added at 2:50 pm EST on Monday, an attempt to clarify the report by speaking with Trump’s White House press secretary as well as others in his administration proved fruitless:

‘The White House told NCRM Monday afternoon that there would not be any comment on any pending executive orders nor on any actions not finalized. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer also refused to answer a question from The Washington Blade posed during the daily press briefing about the possible executive order.’

Obama’s executive order, celebrated by those who oppose the legal discrimination against LGBTQ citizens, provided no exemptions for religious beliefs. In other words, a church membership can’t be used as a justification for homophobia and the denial of basic civil rights. Those orders signed by Obama also included language preventing discrimination against LGBTQ couples trying to adopt children.

Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, has long been one of the worst of the homophobic, right-wing conservatives who attempt to use their bigotry in this way. Much controversy surrounds a statement made by Pence on his website regarding his “agenda” for the country in regards to HIV research funding when he wrote, “Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” Curing people of being gay is more important to the vice-president than continuing the vital research into treatment and prevention of HIV.

Pence also made a national name for himself as governor of Indiana by supporting the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, allowing businesses to openly discriminate against and refuse to serve same-sex couples in addition to allowing for discrimination against LGBTQ folks in housing and employment. The law was so controversial that Pence was forced to amend it when businesses and organizations all over the country threatened to pull their money from the state.

While the executive order is not yet completed or signed by Trump as this date, the news of this draft is proof of what the country is facing under the new administration.

Featured image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla


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