Amazing Career Announcement By Joe Biden – Prepare For Trump Meltdown (DETAILS)


Everyone’s favorite former Vice-President, Joe Biden, is continuing his humanitarian work by launching a nonprofit that aims to promote equal rights and opportunity.

The Biden Foundation will focus on areas of interest Biden touched on throughout his vice-presidential tenure, such as combatting violence against women and researching a cure for cancer.

The mission of the Biden Foundation reads:

‘Vice President Biden has played a unique role in our country throughout his years of public service. He has championed – and will continue to champion progress and prosperity for American families.

The Biden Foundation will build upon that mission: to identify policies that advance the middle class, decrease economic inequality, and increase opportunity for all people. And, to ensure that everyone—no matter their income level, race, gender, ages, or sexuality— is treated equally and gets a fair shot at achieving the American Dream.’

The volunteer board of directors includes Hon. Mark Gitenstein, Mark Angelson, Valerie Biden Owens, Jeffery Peck, and former Senator Ted Kaufman, who served as Biden’s Senate chief of staff. The Executive Director is former Facebook official and Senate staffer, Louisa Terrell.

‘The Biden Foundation will build upon Vice President and Dr. Biden’s livelong commitment to protect and advance the rights and opportunities of all the people through educational programming and public policy analysis.’

The foundation website specifies that it will be funded by tax-deductible donations.

The Biden Foundation will span it’s focus over several areas, where as the Beau Biden Foundation focuses on the protection of children. The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children was started in the summer of 2015 in memory of Biden’s son Joe, who passed away in May of 2015. The foundation is centred around protecting children from abuse.

The former Vice-President tweeted about the launch of Biden Foundation on Wednesday:

You can watch an overview of the Biden Foundation in the video below, where Joe and Jill Biden tell supporters that “as long as we have a breath in us” they will continue to work on issues that matter:

Featured Image via Getty Images.

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