Kellyanne Conway Just Completely Made Up A Massacre – Get Ready (VIDEO)


The only thing worse than Kellyanne Conway being ignorant about her massacres is her being ignorant and arrogant. After she bled all over a massacre in Bowling Green, Kentucky on MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ Hardball, she found out there was no such event. Rather than take it like an adult, this is what she did.

Conway tried to use the non-existent massacre the as evidence to support Donald Trump’s so-called travel ban on seven primarily Muslim countries. After she was shot down, she decided to do a Trump and have a Twitter tantrum.

‘On Hardball an old ABC News report, I meant to say “Bowling Green terrorists.”’

Back in 2013, two Iraqi refugees in Bowling Green began sending money to the al Qaeda in Iraq. Based upon that, the FBI opened up an investigation into whether “dozens” of terrorists posing as Iraqi refugees had managed to enter the U.S. The funds were meant to fund terrorists fighting the U.S. military in Iraq.

A reporter for the Canadian Toronto Star Daniel Dale noted the FBI investigation led nowhere. There were no more terrorists posing as refugees.

Clearly, Conway wanted to use the imaginary Bowling Green massacre to reignite people’s fears. Yet, when that failed and tweets made her the butt of so many jokes, she decided she’d had enough. Then, she pounded a Today Show reporter who nailed her for false saber-rattling and an ignorance of the facts.

Conway tweeted:

‘Bowling Green Terrorists: Al Qaeda in KY: US may have let ‘dozens’ of terrorists into country as refugees:’

Conway complained about an NBC reporter:

‘NBC reporter texted me a 632 am re: a diff story; never asked what I meant on @Hardball b4 slamming me on @TODAYshow. Not cool, not journalism.’

She continued:

‘Honest mistakes abound. Last night prominent editor of liberal site apologized for almost running a story re: tweet from fake account.’

Conway continued:

‘Yet won’t name him, attack him, get the base 2 descend upon him. Same with MLKJr bust fake story. It’s called class, grace, deep breath.’

Regardless of her intent, Conway’s misinformation just further proves the Trump administration is untrustworthy.

Check out this video of Conway on Hardball:

Featured Image: Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.

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