Donald Trump Just Threatened The Entire State Of California – Get Ready For A Fight


Can Donald Trump’s bullying get any worse? Yes. He has now threatened the entire state of California. Trump’s latest attack against an entity courageous enough to stand up against him stems from California having taken steps to become a sanctuary state for refugees impacted by Trump’s executive order that specifically singles out Muslims from several countries.

In a Sunday morning interview that made absolutely no sense, Trump sat down with Bill O’Reilly and said:

‘California in many ways is of control. Obviously the voters agree, otherwise they wouldn’t have voted for me.’

Ironically, Bill O’Reilly, actually appeared to be (gently) pushing back on Trump. When Trump alluded to “defunding” California, O’Reilly replied:

‘So, defunding is your weapon of choice?’

Sounding like he was declaring war on California, Trump answered,

‘It’s a weapon. If they’re gonna have sanctuary cities, then we may have to do that. Certainly it [defunding California] would be a weapon.’

Taking funding away from California would be an idiotic move and serve as yet another reminder that Trump has neither the temperament, nor the maturity to lead this country. Although Trump has followed his typical pattern of loudly ranting when confronted, Californians aren’t backing down.

California State Senator, Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), told the Los Angeles Times:

‘He doesn’t have the power to strip funding from local communities simply because we’re sticking up for our immigrant neighbors.’

Wiener also added that California government officials are prepared to “litigate until the end of time.”

The Los Angeles Times appears to take a stance that is in agreement with Wiener. The Times published an article on January 27th that had the headline:

‘With California’s “sanctuary cities,” Trump might be starting a fight he can’t win’

Interestingly enough, if executed, Trump’s threats would lead to him displaying the kind of hypocrisy that has deepened the divide between those for and against him. Cutting funding would mean shortchanging some of the largest urban police and other civil service departments in the country.

It seems that Donald Trump has forgotten that America is supposed to be a free country. People have the right to stand up against and disagree with Trump without threat of retaliation. Trump has spent his first couple of weeks in office seemingly stirring up a world war, ruffling the feathers of individual states, disrespecting judges, ensuring the rich get richer/the poor become poorer, singling out entire religious groups and other extremely unAmerican things. He should probably spend more time listening to his dissenters and realizing that this many people can’t possibly be wrong about him.

Trump’s entire interview with Bill O’Reilly can be found below:

Featured Image via Getty/Don Emmert/Staff

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