A Federal Judge Just Completely Ruined Trump’s Night – Massive Tantrum Expected


Remember last week when Donald Trump got cocky, down right indignant even, regarding the series of losses he took in court over the Muslim Ban? Using all caps so people would know he meant business, he tweeted:

Now it seems that Donald Trump may not be ready to “SEE YOU IN COURT!” Per CNN, The Trump administration requested that the proceedings be postponed:

‘Federal District Court Judge James Robart in Seattle denied a request from the Trump administration to postpone any further proceedings in his court over President Donald Trump’s travel ban, while the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals considers whether to rehear the case before a larger panel of judges.’

There is a saying, “Don’t burn bridges you may have to cross again.” One of Donald Trump’s staffers should’ve told him that before he belligerently disrespected Judge Robart. You may recall that after Judge Robart halted the ban, Donald Trump tweeted:

Trump’s aggressive and disrespectful tweet directed at Judge Robart, along with his highly inflammatory interviews in subsequent days, actually had some judges fearing for their safety, Fortune Magazine reported. Donald Trump poured gasoline on, lit and watched the bridge to Judge Robart, burn to ashes. Was he really dumb enough to try to cross it again?

Unbought, unbothered and undeterred, CNN reports that Judge Robart stated:

‘I’m not prepared to slow this down. I’m not persuaded that an en banc review by one judge ought to interfere with moving this case forward.’

With that statement, Judge Robart sent a strong message. However, the most telling thing Judge Robart said was clearly directed towards Donald Trump:

‘I’m a little surprised since the President said he wanted “to see you in court.” Are you confident that’s the argument you want to make?’

Could this be the first of many times Donald Trump’s disregard for the system of checks and balances that have been in place for hundreds of years, comes back to bite in him a major way? Let’s hope so.

Featured Image via Getty/Julie Dermansky/Contributor

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